Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding Details Already Taking Shape

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Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for photographs in the State Apartments of St James Palace on November 16, 2010 in London, England -- WireImage

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Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for photographs in the State Apartments of St James Palace on …

Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally revealed they are engaged to be married and Access Hollywood has unearthed new details of what some are already calling, "The Wedding of the Century."

"It was like a total shock when it came," Kate said of William's proposal in an interview following the announcement of the couple's engagementl. "And [I was] very excited."

That excitement has spread all over the world.

The news, of course, was splashed over every British newspaper on Wednesday morning, but now comes wedding fever and speculation.

Determined to be involved in every detail, William and Kate, who is now being called by her proper name, Katherine, met with advisers today to begin planning.

Royal Expert Neil Sean told Access Hollywood the date should be a national holiday.

"I think it might be sort of August time because it fits in quite well," he said.

The next question - where?

Westminster Abbey where the Queen got married in 1947 is said to be a frontrunner, although that was also the location of Diana's funeral.

St. Paul's Cathedral, where Prince William's parents, the late Diana and Prince Charles wed, is also on the list.

"I can tell you this bit of gossip -- already today behind me at Buckingham Palace there's a lot of people being taken in. Major designers are taking their designs in," Neil revealed.

The biggest mystery of all -- what will Kate wear?

Since Princess Diana's dress ranks as the most copied wedding gown of all time, this is a huge decision. To announce her engagement on Tuesday, Kate wore a dress by ISSA, one of her favorite designers. In fact, she might commission a gown from the line.

Other possibilities include Bruce Oldfield, a favorite of Diana's or Elizabeth Emanuel, who designed the late Princess' gown.

"I think it will be somebody that... possibly an unknown designer that she particularly likes. Apparently she wants an organic look," Neil said.

Tom Bradby, who interviewed the couple following the announcement, told NBC's "Today" show it was a big and scary moment for the future royal.

"She was nervous -- this was a massive first ever interview on TV, something you know hundreds of millions of people probably are going to watch, but it will be played back for years to come," Tom said.

Another question - what's in store for Kate?

Tom told "Today" on Wednesday that he was impressed with the 29-year-old.

Determined to live as normal a life as possible, William and Kate will continue to live at their cottage in North Wales and not in a royal residence.

Kate's friend, Jessica Hay, who has known the secret for weeks, believes she can handle her new role.

"I think what will make her a great princess is she's very grounded," Jessica told "Today." "She cares about people. But more often than not, she'll do what she wants to do. She's very, very independent. She's very headstrong."

But, according to our royal expert, Princess may not be Kate's title.

"This is how it works: If you get into the royal family -- that's a bit of coup to start with, and then what happens is her majesty the Queen will bestow a title on you and then you become part of the civil list," Neil told Access . "I think Prince William will become a Duke and Katherine now will become a Duchess, but of course eventually, she'll become queen."

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