Private equity

  • On-Again, Off-Again. Rackspace No Longer On The Block. Existential Issues Remain However

    The company, long the bridesmaid of the cloud infrastructure war, had seen its position weakened and is generally not included in the list of the big cloud vendors. Amazon Web Services is there (as it always was) and Google, Microsoft and IBM SoftLayer have stolen Rackspace's thunder. There were…

  • 1 Tip To Lose Belly Fat

    It's Hollywood's Hottest Diet And Gets Rid Of Stubborn Fat Areas Like Nothing Else.

  • How an IPO gets done, step by step

    Alibaba's long-awaited IPO is finally around the corner, making this a good time to take a look at just how an IPO works. The company may have private equity investors who want to exit from their investment. The first step is a "beauty contest": You show off the company to bankers! The banker…