Prosecution rests in Texas videotaped beating case

Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) — Prosecutors in the trial of an ex-Houston police officer accused of taking part in the 2010 videotaped beating of a black teenage burglary suspect have rested their case.

Police Chief Charles McClelland Jr. was the last prosecution witness Wednesday in the trial of Drew Ryser — one of four officers fired and later indicted.

Judge Ruben Guerrero warned people in the courtroom not to talk to Ryser or his family after they were confronted on Tuesday by some spectators.

Ryser faces up to a year in jail if convicted of official oppression, a misdemeanor.

Ryser's attorneys say he was following textbook procedures to arrest a suspect he believed might be armed.

Security video from March 2010 appears to show several officers hitting suspect Chad Holley, 15 at the time.

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