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Protect what matters

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Protect what matters

I was just reading a blog post by Distinguished Technologist, E.G. Nadhan, “Guess who is responsible for Cloud Security?”  His top 5 steps you can take to secure your cloud computing environment make the article a must-read.  I’ll offer up a sixth step --- attend security focused sessions at the upcoming HP Discover 2013 event in Las Vegas.  Security threats are growing in frequency, type and complexity, and the traditional security model isn’t keeping up. At HP Discover, you’ll learn how to build and execute security and risk management strategies without restricting innovation.


Sessions include:

  • Growth and innovation through intelligent security
  • Security breach management: How to prepare and respond
  • Designing a secure cloud infrastructure
  • Security for the software-defined data center
  • Mobile security: The good, the bad, the way forward
  • Security 20/20: What does the future of information security hold for you?
  • Securing the modern enterprise in the age of big data, cloud and consumerization


Learn more about our security sessions, or visit the full HP Discover Session Catalog to see how HP Discover 2013 is focused on what matters most to you and your business.


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