A Punk Prince, Women in the Military, a New Tennis Controversy

The Atlantic

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Top Stories: Hurricane Sandy's next toll? "A precipitous decline in property tax revenues" for localities that were hit. 

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World: A prince vying for president in the Czech Republic is trying to appeal to young voters with an advertising campaign modeled after a Sex Pistols album cover. 

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U.S.: Women in the U.S. military can do — and already have done — the jobs of men on the front lines, and lifting the ban on women in combat will also help them when they return home. 

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New York: Some New York residents are enjoying the "solitude" in the city's outdoor spaces that comes from the cold. 

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Business: Young, educated people in China are refusing factory jobs, considering the work beneath them and creating "an anomaly: Jobs go begging in factories while many educated young workers are unemployed or underemployed." 

Technology: In France, a court told Twitter to identify people who posted racist and anti-semitic comments, saying they violate French laws against such speech, but Twitter may not comply. 

Sports: As evidenced by controversy Victoria Azarenka's medical timeout during her semifinal match at the Australian Open, tennis is "now facing another vexation: determining what constitutes a real injury." 

Opinion: Andrew S. Curran on Denis Diderot

Awards Season: The Sundance Film Festival "has firmly settled into a groove, one that places movies above buzz."

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