Quebec Liberals want province to sign Constitution, at some point

Associated Press

MONTREAL - All three candidates vying for the Quebec Liberal leadership say they want the province to sign the Canadian Constitution — eventually.

Philippe Couillard, a former health minister and the presumed front-runner, says it's something Quebec must work toward.

Pierre Moreau and Raymond Bachand, both ex-ministers as well, also say it's an important issue.

But Bachand says the time isn't right to reopen thorny constitutional talks and Moreau says it doesn't necessarily need to happen right away.

The candidates made the comments at the Quebec Liberals' only English-language debate, today in Montreal.

The Liberals will select former premier Jean Charest's successor in March.

Charest, who stepped down as Liberal leader after losing the provincial election last September, was reluctant to address the issue while in office.

As a member of Brian Mulroney's cabinet, he had a front-row seat in the constitutional debates of the 1980s and 1990s.

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