R.I.P.: 10 Products That Were Discontinued in 2012

R.I.P.: 10 Products That Were Discontinued in 2012

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1. Apple White MacBook

1. Apple White MacBook

Although actually discontinued in 2011, 2012 was the year the white MacBook got the official "End of Life" status. Popular with students, the white MacBook had been the budget option for Apple users since 2006. Image courtesy of Apple

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This year, quite a few products disappeared from the market, as technology inevitably marches on. Whether they got pulled for being faulty or just weren't commercially successful, these 10 examples have virtually expired.

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Take a look through the gallery, above, for the 10 products we've chosen to highlight. Share in the comments, below, any other gadgetry you've noted that has been removed from shop shelves in the last 12 months.

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