Ravens Super Fans Brighten the Skyline

Buying Up Purple Light Bulbs like They Were Milk and Bread in a Storm!

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Ravens Super Fans Brighten the Skyline

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Baltimore City's Penn Station lit up with purple lights to support the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

Yahoo News asked big-time fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens to send in photos that show the wacky and fanatic side of sports fandom. Here's one.

On Purple Fridays, just about everyone in Baltimore demonstrates Ravens pride. From subtle purple silk ties to the obvious jerseys of favorite players, there is no doubt that Ravens' fans are committed to their team.

But the biggest fans may be the buildings of Baltimore.

Throughout the season and especially during the playoffs, many important buildings in Baltimore have been decked out in beautiful purple lights. City Hall's elegant white dome is draped in purple. Catching a train at Penn Station? You can catch some Ravens fever too. The dome of the Johns Hopkins Hospital is also wearing a purple coat instead of a white coat. At the top of the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon, the first president is also proclaiming that the Ravens are his favorite, and we all know he cannot tell a lie. Homes and businesses have joined in the fun to support our team for the Super Bowl with pretty purple string lights.

On Sunday in New Orleans, you will hear the Baltimore fans loud and clear with a resounding "Oh" during the National Anthem. Rest assured that back at home the purple lights will be shining bright with pride in Ravens Nation.

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