Ravens vs. Steelers: An Office Battle

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Ravens vs. Steelers: An Office Battle

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Ravens vs. Steelers: An Office Battle

Yahoo News asked big-time fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens to send in photos that show the wacky and fanatic side of sports fandom. Here's one.

Football season at the office can lead to heated conversations around the water cooler. The following picture is an example. Gloria (a Baltimore Ravens fan) and Dawn (a San Diego Chargers fan) lost bets involving their football team and had to have their cubicle decorated with an opposing team's memorabilia until after the Super Bowl.

A 4th and 29 play led to Dawn losing her bet. Steelers backup QB Charlie Batch coming off the end of the bench led to Gloria losing her bet.

I asked Dawn if she would cheer for a Ravens victory in the big game: "No, I do not like the Ravens. Go 49ers!" was her reply.

I asked each lady what her favorite moment was as a fan of her team. Predictably they answered:

"When we kick the Ravens' butts. Go Steelers!"

"When we kick the Steelers' butts. Go Ravens!"

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