Ray Lewis Speaks Out About His Son Becoming a Miami Hurricane: Fan Perspective

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For a University of Miami Football fan like me there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the relatives of some of the former Canes greats attend the school to play their college football. Such was the case when I learned that Ray Lewis III committed to the University of Miami and will start attending school and playing football there in 2013. Apparently, I am not alone in that opinion as proud dad Ray Lewis is now speaking out about how excited he is to see his son become a Cane.

From One Cane to Another

In a recent interview with another former Miami great Michael Irvin on WQAM Lewis explained the pride he felt knowing his son would attend the same school he did and play for the same football program. Lewis went on to tell the story of how his son was actually born at the University of Miami campus in his senior year of 1995 and said that having a son that played football was a "blessing."

Blessing for Canes Fans Too

Ray Lewis viewing his son playing football as a blessing is a notion that is not going to be lost on Hurricanes fans. I for one can't wait to see another Lewis out on the football field. Even though Ray Lewis III is listed as a running back he plays both sides of the ball and at 4.5 40 speed, according to Scout.com, he'll be a welcomed addition to the Miami Hurricanes roster.

But beyond the talent Lewis III represents honor and pride for the Miami Hurricanes football program. With the Canes facing possible NCAA sanctions in the near future, a nice shot of pride is exactly what they need.

Lewis Watching With Fans

One thing is for certain, when Ray Lewis III takes the field for the first time in 2013 his dad will no doubt be watching along with the rest of the Hurricanes fans. Being listed as a 2-star recruit by Scout.com it remains to be seen if Lewis III will be another standout player as his father was with the Hurricanes. To me, if he plays at only half the intensity that his father did back in the 1990s then the Hurricanes will have a special player and perhaps even another leader. So, hopefully in 2013 Ray Lewis' pride will come shining through and all the Canes fans will get to enjoy seeing the fruits of Ray Lewis' labor and enjoy hearing more of his prideful rants.

Jimmy Collins has been a loyal fan of "The U" since he was a child attending games at the original Orange Bowl. Still a resident of South Florida, he attends numerous Miami Hurricanes games each season and enjoys writing about NCAA Football and the Miami Hurricanes in particular.

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