The Reason Rally: Godless Doesn't Mean Voiceless

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COMMENTARY | The news reports some politician insisting on ideas that have more harm than good. We hear him suggest relying heavily on extremely pollutant oil and coal while we are on the cusp of electric cars. He claims promoting higher education for everyone by our country's leader was very snobbish; despite the country falling behind in aspects of learning. Then there is the idea that everyone in the nation needs to be religiously freed by having the nation's government indoctrinated into religious law. The validation for all of these paradoxical and destructive statements is because a book that was completed 1,700 years ago is being used as a guide to modern environmental, social, and intellectual issues. This sounds like an unrealistic claim; but in some places in America, a popular view.

What I have outlined above for most atheists is examples from just one person in a mountain of evidence that religious zealotry and fundamentalism is wearing down our society. Many atheists are finally shaking out of their collective apathy as they notice their world is once again attempting to run over them. Since the birth of the internet, atheists have discovered there are far more individuals unwilling to accept tales from an ancient tome over basic reason and logic. This has led to an increase of freethinkers in the world as the modern atheist mantra of "prove it" has managed to collectively disperse a myriad of unscientific and unrealistic ideas. This eventually led to the founding of various secular and atheist organizations like American Atheists, American Humanist Association, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, and the United Coalition of Reason, to name a few.

With a lack of fealty to a higher power, more often than not these groups grow solely from the will to do good works for the community. There is no hidden lord and master to pay, so efforts in terms of actual contributions and action tends to directly address the concern at hand. Now, in the face of unreasonable and irrational demands on the public, these organizations have come together in one of the most impressive displays yet: on March 24, 2012 starting at 10am at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the Reason Rally will become history's biggest collection of secularist, atheists, and freethinkers on Earth ... and they are doing it for free. Godless doesn't mean voiceless anymore.

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