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  • Obama, Dalai Lama set to attend National Prayer Breakfast

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama will be at the National Prayer Breakfast next week in Washington, the first time the two men have been together in nearly a year.

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  • 6 Reasons Spiritual Leaders Are More Successful in Life

    A mistake we make in discussing leadership is that we pin the spiritual leader as only leading a church or family in spiritual matters. While it's true that a spiritual leader might do this, a spiritual leader is also one who leads in a business.This is because a spiritual leader is not defined as…

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  • Behind The Walls Of Pakistan's Most Religious Madrassas

    What goes on behind the walls of Pakistan's most religious schools is kept relatively secret. However, BBC journalist Mobeen Azhar gained unprecedented access, allowing him to explain to HuffPost Live what he described as the "Arabizing of Pakistan."Azhar had a plan when he first arrived at…

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  • Altar Server Scandal Is Reminder Of How Far The Catholic Church Has To Go With Women

    While Pope Francis has been widely hailed as a champion of social progress, when it comes to elevating women’s roles, critics say the Catholic Church still has a long way to go.The 1.2 billion-member church’s attitude toward women came under extra scrutiny last week when Father Joseph Illo, the…

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  • How a handful of anti-Muslim crusaders hijacked the GOP

    Bobby Jindal, Louisiana's Republican governor and a possible 2016 presidential candidate, is worried. Specifically, he's worried about Muslim immigrants conquering America. Citing the (fictional) specter of Muslim-dominated "no-go zones" in Europe, Jindal has warned of an Islamic "invasion" and…
  • When Will Religious Leaders Start to Act Like Religious Leaders: Reflections on the LDS Press Conference

    Some are arguing that the recent LDS news conference on religious freedom and nondiscrimination was a strategic ploy to give the church a platform to fight for broad religious exemptions in upcoming nondiscrimination bills. Others view the statements as an incremental step forward that will create…

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  • Obama Will Finally Appear With The Dalai Lama

    President Obama will finally be seen in public with The Dalai Lama. They will both be in the same room at the National Prayer Breakfast next Thursday, February. 5th. Obama has never appeared in public with the Dalai Lama, who represents China’s suppressed Tibetan Buddhist community to the world.…

  • Evolution Deniers Believe in 'Smorgasbord' of Science

    Well-educated religious people are just as scientifically literate as their more secular counterparts — yet most still overwhelmingly reject theories of human evolution and the Big Bang, new research finds. These well-educated believers have positive views of science, in general, and understand the…
  • How a Bible-Belt Evangelical Church Embraced Gay Rights

    When Dale Wigden went to services at Grace Pointe Evangelical Church in Franklin, Tennesee, for the first time around two years ago, he wasn’t expecting much. Wigden, who is now 40, grew up in a very religious Independent Baptist family just outside Rochester, New York. The uncommon spelling of the…
  • Sexism: The Original Sin Of The Church

    Welcome to this week’s ALL TOGETHER -- the podcast dedicated to exploring how ethics, religion and spiritual practice inform our personal lives, our communities and our world. ALL TOGETHER is hosted by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, executive editor of HuffPost Religion. You can download All Together…

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  • Daily Meditation: Give Each Other Love

    We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life.Today's meditation features a song off Marvin Gaye's classic "What's Going On" album. The song reminds…

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  • In Los Angeles, Muslim women find empowerment in female-only Friday prayers

    By Daina Beth Solomon LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After the traditional call to prayer, Edina Lekovic stood in front of some 150 women seated on the floor at an interfaith center in Los Angeles, and delivered a sermon, a role traditionally reserved for Muslim men. Lekovic, an activist with California's…

  • Iraqi libraries ransacked by Islamic State group in Mosul

    BAGHDAD (AP) — When Islamic State group militants invaded the Central Library of Mosul earlier this month, they were on a mission to destroy a familiar enemy: other people's ideas.

    Associated Press
  • Head Of EPA Advises Pope On Climate Letter

    The Associated Press reports that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy met with Vatican officials that helped draft Pope Francis’ climate-related encyclical on Friday. An encyclical--a letter from the pope addressed to faithfuls worldwide when he feels he needs to reach…

  • A Hasidic Prayer at a Palestinian Conference

    I grew up in Israel, born into an Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish family, convinced that all Arabs desired my destruction, and totally unprepared for any genuine encounter with Muslims. So, my decision to participate in the seventh annual conference of AMP (American Muslims for Palestine) in Chicago…

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  • Texas rally by Muslims seeking tolerance disrupted by protesters

    By Jon Herskovitz AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A rally at the Texas Capitol on Thursday by Muslims seeking religious tolerance was repeatedly disrupted by a small group of protesters who said the state belonged to followers of Jesus Christ and that Muslims should go back to the Middle East. During…

  • EPA administrator at Vatican ahead of encyclical.

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — The head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency met Friday with Vatican officials who helped draft Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical on ecology, evidence that the Obama administration is seeking to hitch its climate-change message onto that of the popular pope.

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  • No matter who you’re rooting for this weekend

    These JELL-O Sports Team JIGGLERS are sure to win big at your game day party

  • A Texas lawmaker is demanding Muslims swear allegiance next to an Israeli flag

    Texas State Representative Molly White (R-Belton) is, according to a report in the Texas Tribune, making Muslim visitors to her office swear allegiance to America next to an Israeli flag — on Texas's Muslim Capitol Day. The implication from White's message seems to be that she assumed all…