The Republican Party Should Try Appearing Reasonable

The Extreme Lack of Cooperation of the Last Four Years Has Made Liberals Wary of All Republicans

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After the Republican Party was denied its bid for the White House and lost two Senate seats to Democrats, Yahoo! asked voters what they'd like the GOP to focus on in the next two to four years. Here are one voter's thoughts.

COMMENTARY | I do not dispute that both Democrats and Republicans can be stubborn, but for four years Republicans have stonewalled the president. The attitude of intolerance exhibited by the extreme right has not been useful. Mitch McConnell was unsuccessful in his vow to deny President Obama a second term, and precious time and taxpayer money has been wasted.

Instead of attacking Obamacare, cooperation between the parties could have made it better. My spouse and I are divided on this issue. I am a 51-year-old cancer survivor, and I have been terrified of being uninsured and having a recurrence. I am no longer uninsurable, but my husband is paying exponentially increased insurance premiums. They have doubled since 2009. We could rent a nice apartment where we live in San Mateo, Calif., for what we pay in premiums.

I would not have been so terrified of a Romney presidency if he had not repeatedly threatened my health care and reproductive rights. My spouse and I disagree about abortion, but we both agree that shutting down Planned Parenthood, as Texas tried to do, is extreme and would hurt women and families. According to Bloomberg, Judge Amy Clark Meechum issued a restraining order against the state preventing the attempted cuts. Because some Republicans are obsessed with abortion, women and families have to fight for health care, breast cancer screenings, and birth control. Abortion is not what Planned Parenthood is about, and attacking Planned Parenthood is senseless.

The Republican Party needs to cultivate an image of reason and compassion. In the eyes of many California Democrats, Republicans in power means a return to the dark ages. Many Democrats who disapprove of President Obama will concede that he is reasonable. That would be a description that Republicans would do well to cultivate.

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