Republicans Scapegoat Obama for Right Wing Errors

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COMMENTARY | A new series of attack ads aimed at President Barack Obama will air in 10 states considered hotly contested in the presidential election, according to CNN. The ads will slam President Obama as the cause of the housing crisis and health care problems. These ads have a glaring flaw: They're inaccurate.

The source, Crossroads GPS, was co-founded by master campaign strategist Karl Rove, whose efforts helped George W. Bush get into the Oval Office. The premises of the ads fall substantially short of being truthful.

Housing crisis

The attack ads would have you blame Obama for the housing crisis. A Standard & Poor's report on housing prices shows what happened. Policies under George W. Bush's terms artificially inflated the housing market to unsustainable heights. The crash began in 2006 and bottomed out as Bush's term ended.

Under Obama prices had their greatest recovery -- until Republicans made big gains in the midterm elections. After that prices began to drop again. There's a pattern to be found, but it shows more blame for Republicans than Obama.

Health care

Obama wanted to promote single-payer, universal health care, the Guardian reported in 2009. His goal was to eliminate the health care crisis entirely, but Republicans blocked it. Obama backed down from his stance because it was politically impossible to achieve. The final compromise was to implement a national version of Romney's plan from Massachusetts. If you want to know why health care is still so hard to get, blame the Republican Party.

The right wing has become enamored of finger-pointing. Instead of owning up to its failed policies, it wants to scapegoat the sitting president. It's shameful. Its plan has one major flaw: It's easy to show how wrong its claims are.

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