Residents React to Detroit's Most Miserable City Ranking

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Residents React to Detroit's Most Miserable City Ranking

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Forbes named Detroit the most miserable city of 2013. According to the NBC News, with the possibility of a financial takeover by the State of Michigan, the city is facing bankruptcy.

"Detroit's problems are hardly new. It has been in a four-decade decline, paralleling the slide in the U.S. auto industry," said Forbes.

Forbes studied violent crime rates, unemployment rates, population totals, financial crises, foreclosures, taxes, commute time, and population totals. To compile their list, they looked at 200 different United States urban areas.

The Detroit Free Press reports that 2012 murder rates in the city were the highest in almost 20 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the city also hosts an unemployment rate of 11.4 percent.

Detroit is joined on Forbes' list by Flint, Michigan, coming in at second, and Warren, a suburb of Detroit that ranked seventh.

Detroiters Respond

Detroit residents weighed in on the city's ranking as the country's most miserable. Here's what a few had to say:

"Detroit is simply fading away. It's not that we're miserable, we just don't know what to do anymore," Margaret Banks, a resident of Detroit's Greektown neighborhood, said. Banks has resided in the city for nearly 12 years after moving from Warren.

"After I lost my job working for Ford Motor Company, everything seemed to fall apart for my family. Our house is in foreclosure, and my family has been forced to move in with my parents on the East Side," Jay Richards, a former resident of Cass Corridor, said. "Miserable is an understatement."

Mildred Jones has lived in her Mexicantown bungalow since 1975. In the last several years, her home has lost nearly 35 percent of its value. "My family keeps asking me to move in with them, but I refuse to sell my house for less than it's worth. I'm doing just fine here. I love my city," Jones said.

While the city has been deemed miserable, it seems that some residents still manage to have a positive outlook for the city's future. One thing's for sure, Detroiters are strong and resilient despite what any list says.

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