Restaurant Made Entirely of Cardboard Opens in Taiwan

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Talk about resourceful: A former paper salesman in Taiwan has created an entire restaurant made of cardboard, the Huffington Post tells us.

At the restaurant--aptly named the Carton King--plates, cups, chairs, and furniture are all made from cardboard. There are even some elaborate decor items: a hat rack, a miniature Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a paper lantern chandelier.

Even more impressive: Those items are flame and water resistant, so they can survive rough weather and some accidents.

Cardboard, it seems, is a trendy material right now.

This week, Israel inventor Izhar Gafni announced that he has created an entire bicycle out of cardboard, The Star tells us. The vehicle will retail for around $20 and weighs about 9 kilograms, or about 20 pounds.

Here's how it works. Gafni designed cardboard strong enough to support an adult by bending and gluing the cardboard to give it strength. He spent years toying with the process until he came up with something that could even support a car, the article explains.

The cardboard used to create the bike is coated with a material that makes it fireproof and waterproof. The tires, of course, are not made from cardboard, but they're still good for the earth: Gafni uses rubber from old car tires to build the bike's wheels.

Three versions of the bike and a wheelchair are set to go on sale next year.

Perhaps the strangest cardboard item to make the news recently: a cutout of a policeman in a U.K. store that was supposed to prevent people from shoplifting.

The cutout was dubbed "PC Bobb," Digital Spy reports, and it was placed in store windows to make police look more approachable and prevent crimes.

Police in Manchester once reported that having this type of cardboard statue could reduce shoplifting by as much as 75 percent, but that wasn't the case in this store. The 6-foot-tall figurine was stolen.

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