Reversal of Fortunes: Scratch That Tip Fee, Says Blue Plate Restaurant Company

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After garnering much local and some national attention, Blue Plate Restaurant Company has announced that not only will they do away with the recently enacted credit card tip fee, but they are giving their non-tip earning workers a raise above the state mandated minimum. Hourly workers who aren't usually tipped like busers, line cooks and dishwashers will now make $9.69 per hour.

After the Minnesota minimum wage was increased on August 1, Blue Plate hoped to mitigate some of the expense incurred for rising wages, health care costs and increased credit card fees with the addition of a tip fee deducted from tips paid with credit cards. Blue Plate Company runs several restaurants in the Twin Cities area including Edina Grill, Groveland Tap, 3 Squares, The Freehouse and more. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports that co-owner David Burley referred to the fee as, "a blunder."

Hourly employees will see the raise on their September paychecks.
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