Rich People Are Pissed About Obama's Labor Day Weekend Plans

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Rich People Are Pissed About Obama's Labor Day Weekend Plans

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Rich People Are Pissed About Obama's Labor Day Weekend Plans

Spending Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons just keeps getting harder and harder. 

First, there was the report that rosé reserves were running dangerously low. Now, many of the would-be-rosé-drinkers are facing major airplane delays as well. 

According to the New York Post's "Page Six", President Obama's weekend fundraising trip to Westchester, to the Purchase, N.Y. home of donor Robert Wolf, is putting a hold on private planes flying to posh vacation spots all along the East Coast. Flight restrictions will begin on Friday afternoon and continue on Saturday as the President travels up the East Coast to another fundraiser in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Now, for all you Hampton-ites out there thinking that Obama is only targeting you, don't worry, there will be similarly frustrating problems for other vacationers as flights to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are also expecting delays. 

While riots in the streets of East Hampton — that one can only hope would be led by a pitchfork wielding Ina Garten — seem unlikely, the Presidential no fly zone is hurting chartering companies that rely on the Labor Day weekend for business.  

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Melissa Tomkiel, president of the sea plane company Fly the Whale, told the Post ​that the President's trip will likely cost her small business thousands of dollars. 

The paper reported that commercial flights will be minimally effected by the trip. 

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