Rival tablets are in trouble following iPad 5, Retina iPad mini debut

Apple is building stores in India just for iPhones and iPads

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Apple is building stores in India just for iPhones and iPads

Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPad tablets during a press conference next week and once the new slates launch, rivals are in trouble. So says Digitimes, whose anonymous supply chain sources are stating that sales of a wide range of Android tablets are going to take a hit following the launch Apple’s new iPads. These unnamed sources do not necessarily believe Apple’s next-generation devices will perform any better than most expect, but rather that the fourth-generation iPad and first-generation iPad mini pose a massive will threat to other tablets once their prices drop. And it’s apparently not just Android device vendors that should be shaking in their boots. Digitimes says Microsoft’s Surface 2 is in trouble as well, as is Nokia’s upcoming Windows RT tablet — though the report says expectations for Nokia’s slate aren’t very high to begin with.

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