Rolling Stones' longevity marked with new line of drinks

Rolling Stones' longevity marked with new line of drinks

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Rolling Stones' longevity marked with new line of drinks

Half a century of musical achievements by The Rolling Stones are to be commemorated in Japan with the release -- appropriately -- of a new line of alcoholic drinks.

Suntory Liquors Inc. is to release the new drinks on June 19 under the Stones Bar label to mark the formation of the band in London in April 1962. The drinks will bear the iconic rock'n'roll lips and tongue logo that has been the mark of the band since the 1970s.

The launch will consist of three new drinks, although the company said it may add to the line in the future.

The new releases will be the Rolling Hop, a 4 percent beer in a bottle or can that utilizes hops infused with citrus to give the drink a refreshing taste, a clean finish and reduced bitterness, the company said, adding that no price has been set for the drink yet. It will also have a higher carbon dioxide pressure.

The Rolling Gold drink is a gin-based cocktail that comes in a bottle that is also served under higher carbon dioxide pressure. The 350 ml cans and bottles will sell for Y160 (€1.50). As well as the lips and tongue, the packaging incorporates gold flames and a zip at the neck of the bottle that is reminiscent of the band's 1971 album Sticky Fingers.

The final drink in the line-up is a 4 percent citrus high ball that mixes whisky with a lemon-and-lime flavor and a 275 ml bottle or can will retail at Y230 (€2.15).

The Rolling Stones have always been hugely popular in Japan and a series of events to mark their golden anniversary is being planned.

In July, Yamaha Music Media is to release the Japanese-language version of 352-page The Rolling Stones 50, which charts the band's progress through 700 photos, while the Tobu Department Store in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district opened an exhibition titled The Rolling Stones, 1962-2012 - Tracing the history of the past half-century on April 26.


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