Romney Is Best-Equipped to Handle Social Security Worries

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COMMENTARY | When you live in a small rural community. like I do in Pelahatchie, Miss., one asks oneself, at times, Will my vote matter? Then at times like this you say, "Heck yes!" And then the dilemma: comparing the country's issues to your own issues and to the candidates platforms.

My issues are not unique. Being the 24/7/365 care giver of my disabled husband, we live on a fixed income, his Social Security check and a bit of savings. I have not reached retirement age. At 57, wondering what will become of Social Security is a big issue in our household - as is the never-ending rise in the cost of groceries, gas, energy and, well, about everything else.

We have watched the debates and pondered over each candidate from their values to their temperament. Each one has fine assets, each one has drawbacks.

Today I will vote for Mitt Romney. With his background in business, I feel he can change our economy, which in turn will lower prices on everything due to the creation of jobs. This then, in turn, will make Social Security more stable. I believe he will also be fine with foreign affairs.

The country needs some help, I hope the next election will be a positive step forward.

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