Romney Campaign Hits Trail in Pennsylvania in Advance of New Ads

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned in Pennsylvania on Friday. It was his first visit to the state since July, according to the Los Angeles Times, ahead of the scheduled debut of new pro-Romney ads by the state's Republican Party.

Romney trails by seven percentage points in the state, according to a Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll released on Friday. This is a slight gain for the Republican candidate, who trailed by 10 points last month.

Here is some of the key information regarding Romney's standing in Pennsylvania and his campaign stops in the state on Friday.

* According to the Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll, Romney's support in Pennsylvania stands at 42 percent, versus President Barack Obama's 49 percent.

* Republicans in the state are reportedly pushing Romney not to give up on the state, which no member of their party has carried in a presidential election since President George H.W. Bush won it in 1988, according to the Los Angeles Times.

* Romney made several campaign stops in Pennsylvania on Friday, including a fundraiser at the Union League in Philadelphia and a stop at Valley Forge Military Academy.

* During his appearance at the Union League, Romney reportedly told attendees that winning Pennsylvania in November would come as a "shock" to political analysts, but expressed confidence later on during a campaign rally that "We're going to win Pennsylvania," as quoted by NBC News.

* Romney told supporters at the Valley Forge Military Academy that "the Obama campaign thinks Pennsylvania is in their pocket -- they don't need to worry about it," and that "they're wrong," as also quoted by NBC News.

* Romney also took time to criticize Obama's foreign policy and his economic policies at home, telling supporters at the Valley Forge Military Academy appearance that Obama "wants to go down the same path he's been on for the last four years," and that "he wants to keep the status quo," as quoted by the Washington Post.

* He also reiterated criticism from earlier in the week, when he stated that Obama was looking to enact harmful defense cuts. Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith issued a statement to the media on Friday in which she charged that Romney "falsely accused" Obama of supporting the cuts, as quoted by the Washington Post.

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