Romney Detours Off of Economy to Talk Social Issues

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Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a detour from his planned agenda for his five-day bus route Saturday to discuss Christian conservative values and the U.S.'s relationship with Israel, according to Reuters. Romney is in the middle of his "Every Town Counts" series of campaign events aimed at gathering crucial votes in some of the nation's hotly-contested swing states.

* Romney's bus tour was briefly interrupted by protesters from and supporters of President Barack Obama who gathered at the tour's last stop of the day. Romney's bus changed destinations and proceeded as planned, according to CBS News.

* Romney paused between campaign stops in Pennsylvania to speak via satellite to attendees at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's conference in Washington.

* His speech touched on what he referred to as "societal anchors," according to Reuters. Those anchors included the nuclear family, the Constitution, religious freedom and small government, among others.

* Romney also told the group he would "forge a strong working relationship with the leadership in Israel," as quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

* He repeatedly criticized the president's policies, particularly the mandated coverage of contraception contained in his health plan and what he claimed were Obama's weak positions regarding both Israel and Iran.

* He sidestepped some social issues that have been brought to the forefront, including abortion and gay marriage.

* He also openly acknowledged that while he was not as popular among Christian conservatives as his former rival Rick Santorum had been, he needs that bloc of voters to help him win in November.

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