Romney Picks Weinermobile-Driving Paul Ryan as Running Mate: A Conservative's Concerns

Will This Pick Leave the GOP in the Dog House on Election Day?

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COMMENTARY | Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate was a rather bold one. The conservative and calculated Romney chose a running mate whose stances on hot-button issues, such as Medicare and Social Security, could prove risky to the GOP candidate's presidential campaign. But, we also have to ask ourselves if Romney considered the "attack ad litmus test" when he chose Ryan; Ryan could be as big of a liability to the Romney campaign as Sarah Palin was to McCain's campaign in 2008.

Did he have an affair? No. Did he do drugs in college? No. Has he been convicted of a DUI? No. But, we all know how politics have degraded to the stuff of Hollywood scripts and I can already see this election turning into something straight out of the recently released Will Ferrell film "The Campaign."

I outline a few talking points that link the thought processes the Democrats will use to combat the Romney-Ryan ticket and also make light of some of Jon Stewart's potential punchlines about the Paul Ryan pick.

Physical appearance

Paul Ryan looks suspiciously like disgraced former-Congressman Anthony Weiner. This is merely superficial, but could evoke latent negative emotions from potential swing voters, but more importantly it links us to the big issue that opens up a Pandora 's Box of political fodder from the left.

The Weinermobile

No, Paul Ryan did not buy Anthony Weiner's LeBaron, but he did drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile during a stint of summer employment during his college years. Under no circumstance can a flattering photo be taken of a man driving the Weinermobile, which links us to the potential campaign fodder that will be hanging over the GOP through Election Day.

The Most Damning Fodder of All

Okay, so maybe the Weinermobile itself is not so bad; at least he worked his way through school and held a private sector job at one point, which is more than we can say for some people. But, we must realize that both Romney and Ryan have driven a vehicle with a dog on top, and I would not be surprised if that link between the two men pops up in a PAC-funded attack ad as we get closer to the election. To be frank, this is the kind of juicy material the left thrives on in a dog fight.

Will Romney's pick of Paul Ryan be the driving force needed to jump start his campaign or will his selection leave both of them sitting in the dog house come Election Day? Only time will tell, but I am concerned over how much fodder this gives late night comedians and unscrupulous PACs.

The author is a staunch conservative who constantly plays the devil's advocate, allowing him to see how campaigns may attack the candidates he supports. He feels that Ohio Sen. Rob Portman would have been a better pick that would have given Romney much-needed support in the crucial swing state.

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