Romney Will Win in November for Two Very Bad Reasons

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COMMENTARY | Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination Tuesday with his Texas primary win. Officially he doesn't have the final stamp of approval until the Republican National Convention, but that's a mere formality at this point.

The situation makes me predict that Romney will be the next president of the United States for two very bad reasons.

(1) The "Citizens United" ruling by the Supreme Court (explained well here by the Cornell School of Law) made drastic changes to campaign contribution law. All you really need to know about it is this: Essentially anyone can contribute any amount of money to any candidate. The sky is the limit. Citizens United has shown it might be more accurately called "Corporations and Rich People United for Political Gain."

Romney, being from the right wing, is the Big Business candidate. He's also a very rich man, which makes him the pro-rich candidate if for no other reason than self-interest.

Since there are no caps on contributions by rich people or corporations it's almost certain they will contribute heavily to Romney. I predict he will raise so much money that his campaign will be the best funded of all time. His political war chest will be so huge it will prove how bad an idea unlimited contributions are - but the lesson will come too late.

(2) Romney also gets to use the unfortunate "three Gs" platform - "Gays, Guns and God." It's an old right wing mantra to campaign on those three issues. Obama's recent support for marriage equality handed Romney a powerful weapon against him. Conservatives tend to be prodded into action over those issues. Romney will rally his voter base simply by appealing to their bigotry using formal language.

Average Americans can't compete with the financial power of billionaires and mega-corporations. Common sense solutions to real problems like the economic disaster will take a back seat to anti-gay bias. In the end the 2012 election is set to be decided on the basis of bigotry and enormous contributions by the extremely rich and powerful.

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