Romney's Michigan, Arizona Wins, by the Numbers

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GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney won both the Arizona and the Michigan primaries on Tuesday, according to Politico. Fellow candidate Rick Santorum garnered enough votes to cement the second-place position in both states. The other two candidates, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, switched positions between the two primaries, with Paul taking third in Michigan, while Gingrich took the number three spot in Arizona.

Here are some of the numbers that emerged from Arizona and Michigan after Tuesday's voting.

41.1: The percentage of the vote that Romney garnered in Michigan, as reported by the New York Times.

37.9: The percentage of the vote claimed by Santorum in Michigan. Out of more than 998,900 votes cast, the Michigan primary was decided by just over 32,000.

11.6: The percentage of Michiganders who cast their vote for Ron Paul, which translated into nearly 116,000 votes. Gingrich garnered 6.5 percent, or approximately 65,000.

29: The number of delegates that Romney will be awarded for winning the Arizona primary, according to the Los Angeles Times. Arizona, unlike Michigan, is a "winner take all" state, which means that whichever candidate garners the most votes gets all of the state's available delegates. In Michigan, delegates are split among the candidates, dependent upon how much of the vote each candidate receives.

30: The number of delegates that will be split among the candidates from Michigan. The state actually has more, but was heavily penalized for moving its primary to an earlier date this year.

47: The percentage of the vote that Romney garnered in Arizona on Tuesday, according to Yahoo! News.

27: The percentage of the vote that Santorum gathered in Arizona, to secure the primary's second-place position. Gingrich placed third in that state with 16 percent, while Paul took fourth with 8 percent.

123: The total number of GOP delegates that Romney had won going into Tuesday's primaries, according to Fox News. Santorum had 72 delegates, while Gingrich and Paul had 32 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

1,144: The total number of delegates that a candidate must win in order to be declared the official GOP candidate for president.

419: The number of delegates that are in play next week on Super Tuesday, when 10 states go to the polls.

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