Ron Paul and BP Join Fray with Quiet October Surprises

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Not since the 1972 October surprise that put Richard Nixon ahead of George McGovern has there been such attention paid to events during the final days before the presidential election. Ron Paul and BP now join Donald Trump and Gloria Allred. Each entity is injecting a topic that may reflect unfavorably on one or both candidates' characters and policies.

Ron Paul: Candidates Fail on Fiscal Policy

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, former Republican presidential nomination contender Ron Paul noted, "They'd just as soon not talk about it too much." Incumbent President Barack Obama has supported U.S. Federal Reserve Chairperson Ben Bernanke, whereas former Gov. Mitt Romney intends to replace him if he wins the White House. Romney has not been forthcoming about his choice of replacement. Paul predicts that the role of the Fed will have to take a front seat during the next administration, no matter who leads it. Voters may have to decide who has the business acumen needed to deal with this issue.

BP: Did America's Green Energy Policy Fail?

Voters who pay close attention to green energy were surprised to learn that BP has canceled its plans of building a large commercial plant in Florida. Biofuels Digest reports that BP is "ending its pursuit of commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol production in the U.S." There is talk that rather than using Florida grasses, the company will move to Brazil's sugarcane. Voters, who still recall the Solyndra debacle as reported by the Wall Street Journal, may have to think twice about the current course that the push for alternative energy is taking.

Donald Trump: President Obama Fails on Transparency

The Donald has visited the "Late Show" to discuss his offer to make a $5 million donation to a charity of the President's choice, if the latter would agree to grant the public access to his passport application and college transcripts. The Huffington Post notes that Trump would actually like to affect a swap of Romney's "tax returns for Obama's college records and passport records." Voters must decide if their candidate should have the privilege of barring the electorate's access to these records.

Gloria Allred: Candidate Romney Fails on Honesty

The Boston Globe reports on a 1990 lawsuit that resulted from an acrimonious divorce. Romney testified in June 1991, and it is his testimony that the Globe attempted to unseal. While joining the fray, Allred noted that the confidentiality agreement signed by the parties was "the most comprehensive gag order I have ever seen in my 36 years of practicing law." Yet when the Globe failed to push the issue further, Allred accused the publication of a "double cross." Voters may have to decide if the business-friendly candidate on the ticket was perhaps a bit too friendly with a fellow entrepreneur, or if this allegation is just a working of the rumor mill.

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