Ron Paul Visits Knapp Learning Center, Iowa State Fairgrounds

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Communication Specialist 2nd Class Scott Webb salutes as the American flag is presented on stage during the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular at the Charles River Esplanade

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Communication Specialist 2nd Class Scott Webb salutes as the American flag is presented on stage during …

COMMENTARY | DES MOINES, Iowa -- Ron Paul appeared at the Knapp Learning Center on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Wednesday to greet about 125 supporters who heard the candidate's latest campaign speech.

Paul's campaign at the Knapp Learning Center focused on "Veterans for Ron Paul," which is one of his strongest voter associations. Paul's platform is based on him offering his services to this great nation just like he did when he was called to duty during the Vietnam War.

During Paul's speech, he reminded everyone that he had warned against an economic calamity during his last run for president. Paul is promoting his economic plan to cut the deficit by drastically reducing the money that is spent overseas and eliminating five government agencies.

I feel strongly that Paul would damage the government rather than help it. When you look at the government agencies he is planning to close, I wonder if he has truly thought about the consequences and the impending expenditures that each state will incur. The deficit may come down for the federal government, but I fear each individual state will not be able to handle the extra financial burden to maintain the offices regionally.

I stood and listened to Paul and decided that his positioning as second in the polls for the Iowa caucus in January is overrated. His very staunch viewpoints provide the people with little recourse. His repeal of "Obamacare" leaves no alternative for those individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Listening to the people within the crowd, there was a small rumbling when Paul mentioned he wanted to eliminate the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency. A quiet conversation was held between several individuals on who would police pollution across the United States. Will a privately-run organization gain enough respect that violators will look at the ramifications for their behavior and correct them in a timely manner? At least with the federal government involved, businesses make sure they clean up their act or they are closed down.

All in all, Paul's speech was well-articulated. His public speaking skills are excellent and he received several rounds of applause during his speech. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the Iowa caucus in January to see if he can pull his way to the top.

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