• Hillary can’t win, because Bernie has already won his real race

    Bernie Sanders wasn’t supposed to get this far. Even among his earliest and most ardent supporters, Sanders was a protest candidate—a strategic thorn in the side of the behemoth and barreling Hillary Clinton campaign. That Sanders is doing well in the election is like thrown-together icing on a…

  • GOP Congressman Mulls Run for Governor in Deep Blue New York

    Congressman Chris Gibson is edging closer to a 2018 run for New York governor, saying his success in his upstate district can be scaled statewide

    ABC News
  • GOP stunned Senate hopeful may be short of ballot signatures

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Two top Indiana Republicans said Thursday they were surprised U.S. Senate candidate Todd Young may have failed to gather enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, and the GOP state Senate leader said if the allegation against the congressman is true it may be "one of the most…

    Associated Press
  • 9 Women Explain Why They Like Donald Trump

    Donald Trump held his last rally before the New Hampshire primary at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. Temperatures dipped below 20 degrees, the snow was fierce, and a wall of protesters lined up in front of the arena with signs saying "Trump hate." But it didn't stop fans from coming out…

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    Huckabee: Evangelicals reflect anger at DC donor class

    Former candidate offers advice ahead of tonight's GOP debate

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  • Gerrymandering explained

    As we get closer to the 2016 presidential elections there’s a word you’re probably going to hear a lot: “gerrymandering.

    Katie Couric
  • A Brief History of The 2016 Presidential Candidates Playing Sports

    The 2016 presidential election has become a circus. Between the schoolyard spitting contest that is the GOP primary and the surprisingly contentious battle for the top spot on the DNC ticket, this year's nomination cycle is truly one of a kind.The candidates involved represent a rainbow of…

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  • Campaign Signs Get New Life to Help People With Disabilities

    The huge Carly Fiorina signs along New Hampshire's Route 4 weren't enough to keep her campaign alive past Tuesday's presidential primary, but they could end up helping people with disabilities live more independently

    ABC News
  • Hillary Clinton’s Appeal to African-American Voters: I Won’t Make Promises I Can’t Keep

    Anyone who missed Thursday’s Democratic debate in Milwaukee could have tuned in to Hillary Clinton’s event in South Carolina for the highlights. Lines met with gentle nods in Wisconsin were greeted with vigorous applause Friday by the residents of Denmark, South Carolina, a rural town with a…

    ABC News
  • After short, tense meeting, Spain's Socialist head rejects backing Rajoy

    The head of Spain's Socialist party ruled out on Friday supporting acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for a second term, support that could have ended the country's political stalemate. Pedro Sanchez, the leader of the Socialists, had met Rajoy for talks to form a government, after elections in…

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    Telecoms race to 5G: What it means for consumers

    AT&T to begin testing 5G technologies, matching a similar announcement from Verizon earlier this year.

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  • The Latest: And Then There Were 6; GOP 2016 Field Narrows

    And then there were 6. The 2016 presidential field is shrinking on the Republican side, and those still in the race are preparing for Saturday night's debate in Greenville, South Carolina

    ABC News
  • Harry Belafonte: Race Relations Are a ‘Reversal’ From the 1960s

    Harry Belafonte says the Oscar controversy is a symptom of the troubling race relations in the country, which are in a “retrogression” since the Civil Rights era of the 1960s. On Fareed Zakaria’s Sunday-morning CNN interview show, airing Feb. 14, the host asks Belafonte if the lack of diversity in…

  • Cruz app data collection helps campaign read minds of voters

    Protecting the privacy of law-abiding citizens from the government is a pillar of Ted Cruz's Republican presidential candidacy, but his campaign is testing the limits of siphoning personal data from supporters. ...

    Associated Press
  • What happens if Donald Trump wins big in South Carolina?

    Donald Trump is rolling along and gaining momentum. Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas is a fairly distant second at 19.6 percent, with Sen. Marco Rubio (R) of Florida is third at 14.6. There hasn’t been a lot of polling in the Palmetto State but these results are consistent with polls conducted prior to…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Is Bernie Too Liberal to Win?

    After Bernie Sanders' convincing win in the New Hampshire primary, many establishment Democrats are renewing the argument that Bernie cannot win in November because he is too liberal. It doesn't hold up. In her February 5th column, Washington Post writer Ruth Marcus expressed the establishment…

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  • Candidates promise unity in Central African Republic vote

    BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — For more than two years, even going to the cemetery to bury a loved one could get a mourner killed in Central African Republic. The threat of attacks from Christian militia fighters was once so high that Muslims here began burying their dead at home.

    Associated Press
  • HUFFPOLLSTER: What Is A Push Poll, Anyway?

    Campaigns turn sleazy as they move into South Carolina; rumor has it Ted Cruz is running "push polls" in the state. Voters with daughters are more likely to support Hillary Clinton. And college activism reaches a 50-year high. This is HuffPollster for Friday, February 12, 2016.IS TED CRUZ RUNNING…

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