• Fox News poll confirms: Hillary Clinton won the debate in a landslide

    A Fox News poll released Friday confirmed what other scientific surveys have found in the...

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  • Spain's crisis-hit Socialists in leadership showdown

    Spain's crisis-hit Socialists gathered for a key meeting Saturday to attempt to help end the country's prolonged political deadlock and decide the fate of embattled party leader Pedro Sanchez. The outcome could see the party lift its veto on a new government led by acting conservative Prime…

  • Congo commission expects presidential vote delay to December 2018

    By Aaron Ross KINSHASA (Reuters) - The president of Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission said on Saturday that he expects the presidential election, originally scheduled for this November, to be delayed until December 2018, lawmakers present at his speech said. The announcement is…

  • 100-day countdown ticks in Venezuela political crisis

    On January 10, 2017, President Nicolas Maduro will have completed four years of his six-year term at the helm of the major oil exporter, whose economy is reeling from sharply lower global crude prices. Saturday begins the 100-day countdown for Maduro's opposition to mount a recall referendum. If…

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    Clinton Leads in Post-Debate Polls

    Sept. 30 -- Bloomberg Politics' Sahil Kapur updates the latest news from the 2016 presidential election campaign trail. He speaks on "What'd You Miss?"

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  • Why Ohio’s secretary of State doesn’t want federal help on election security

    Ohio secretary of State Jon Husted says that his state’s electoral systems face no threat from hackers in this November's elections, expressing resistance to the Obama administration's possible designation of state systems as "critical infrastructure" – a move that would expand federal protections…

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  • Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Socialist leader in fight for survival

    At the helm of the Spanish Socialist party for two years, Pedro Sanchez -- or "Mr Handsome" as he is known -- is fighting for his survival as fellow heavyweights call for his head. Seventeen members of the party's executive quit Wednesday in a bid to oust the 44-year-old, unhappy about the way he…

  • ICC prosecutor opens initial probe into Gabon unrest

    The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Thursday she was opening an initial probe into the deadly unrest in Gabon triggered by disputed elections. The news came only days after President Ali Bongo, re-elected by a wafer-thin margin in the August 27 vote over his rival Jean…

  • Trump told a New Hampshire reporter he has a 'very good' marital history

    Republican Donald Trump explained to a reporter in New Hampshire on Thursday he isn't worried about Democrat Hillary Clinton bringing up his marital history at the next presidential debate because — unlike the Clintons — he has no reason to be embarrassed. In the first debate, Trump boasted, he…

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  • Spain's political deadlock at critical point as Socialists decide future

    By Angus Berwick and Carlos Ruano MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's bitterly divided Socialists met on Saturday to decide whether to oust party leader Pedro Sanchez, a step that could pave the way for a new government to be formed after months of political deadlock. The leadership of the Socialist PSOE,…

  • U.S. Supreme Court returns to work with glaring vacancy

    The U.S. Supreme Court opens its new term on Monday in uncharted territory, with an vacancy on the bench on a presidential Election Day now certain for the first time since Abraham Lincoln won re-election in 1864 at the height of the Civil War. While the eight justices will start to hear oral…

  • Catalan leader wins regional backing for independence vote

    Catalan regional lawmakers on Thursday approved regional President Carles Puigdemont's plans to call a referendum next year on independence from Spain, which has been without a fully functioning government since December. Puigdemont called the vote of confidence in his government and its plans…

  • Why 34,000 Americans may have difficulty voting in November

    Voter ID laws in 8 states could have an adverse impact on these voters.

  • Russia questions Bulgaria over new candidate for UN chief

    Russia and three other Security Council members on Thursday raised questions after Bulgaria formally presented European budget commissioner Kristalina Georgieva as its candidate to be the next UN secretary-general. Russia, Angola, Uruguay and Malaysia asked the government in Sofia for clarification…

  • Dozens still held in Gabon over post-election violence

    Some 70 people, including several opposition figures, were still in detention nearly a month after a wave of post-election violence erupted in Gabon, a judicial source said on Friday. Thirty-nine people have been charged for their alleged role in rioting and looting that broke out in Gabon after…

  • Trump's Focus on Weight, Appearance Could Turn Away Female Voters

    Charges of sexism have reigned during this week’s press coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency — continuing with new allegations that Trump wanted to fire women who were “not pretty enough” from the staff of his California golf club.

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  • Enter stage left: the woman who could break Spain's political deadlock

    By Julien Toyer MADRID (Reuters) - A new actor is waiting in the wings of Spain's nine-month-old political drama, with the potential to bring it to a badly needed conclusion and break up its male-dominated cast. Susana Diaz, who leads a powerful faction of the Socialist party, is being encouraged…