Ryan Gosling vs. Ryan Seacrest: A Battle of Followers

The Atlantic

We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching new trailers, viral video clips, and shaky cell phone footage of people arguing on live television. This is why every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention. Today:  

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If you needed any more proof that your Klout score and your Twitter follower count mean pretty much nothing, look no further than the truth dispenser known as Jimmy Kimmel — unless you are Ryan Seacrest, in which case you should just skip this thing: 

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Spoiler alert — it was the egg. But seriously, watch the whole thing and don't fast forward/cheat like we did:

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this amazing cover of the Mission:Impossible theme without having your boss come over and bust you:

And finally, this 10-minute conversation between Christian Bale and this 8-year-old cancer patient/Batman fan pretty much absolves Bale from any criticism <strike>for the next</strike> forever. 

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