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Samsung Super Bowl Ad Going for Apple Tackle [VIDEO]


Samsung, which tweaked Apple fanboys and iPhone-mania with a well-received ad last November, will go after the tech behemoth again in an upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Samsung's first Super Bowl ad will build on the creative concept of that ad, according to a report by The Huffington Post. The brand also released the teaser above, which shows Apple fanboys -- and fangirls -- online at what is meant to look like an Apple Store in Austin, Texas. As in the previous ad, the fanboys are shown up by a suave guy sporting a Galaxy S II.

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As the largest tech company in the world, Apple represents a fat target for rivals in the category, particularly for Samsung, which has fought Apple in court of late over various patent issues. In Samsung's case, the approach seems to have worked. The "fanboy" ad, for example, moved the needle on brand perception, according to YouGov's BrandIndex.

However, it's worth noting that Motorola also bashed Apple in a Super Bowl ad for the Xoom tablet, and that was less of a success. The ad, which tweaked Apple's famous "1984" ad introducing the Macintosh computer that year, presented another dystopian environment, but this time the Xoom was presented as the vehicle of choice for personal freedom. Despite being fairly well-received, Xoom did not become a hit and did little to dent Apple's commanding lead in the tablet market.

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The Xoom spot was preceded by other would-be Apple dethroners including Microsoft, whose 2009 "Laptop Hunters" campaign portrayed buyers of Windows PCs as savvy consumers. Before that, SanDisk tried to punch a hole in Apple's brand perception with a campaign presenting iPod users as "iPuppets" and "iSheep."

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