Sarah Palin May Be Your 'Hunger Games' President

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Sarah Palin May Be Your 'Hunger Games' President

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Sarah Palin May Be Your 'Hunger Games' President

Okay, well, Sarah Palin herself won't be playing the pivotal role of President Alma Coin in the third (and, yes, fourth) Hunger Games films, but the woman who played her to so much acclaim, Julianne Moore, just might—and in full-on Palin fashion.

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Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. reports that Lionsgate and director Francis Lawrence are honing in on Moore to play Coin, the duplicitous leader of Panem's rebellion and president of the mysterious District 13. It's pretty much perfect casting. Moore, as we learned from her Emmy-winning performance as Palin in HBO's Game Change, is great at brining out the best in the sleazier elements from politicians, and Coin is definitely sleazy, using heroine Katniss for her own ulterior motives. The character—minor spoiler alert—is ultimately responsible for one of the most tragic and surprising deaths in the book. 

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But Moore walks into the most uneven films in the series: In the new grand tradition of movie franchises, Lionsgate is stretching Mockingjay into two movies. And the filmmakers have to deal with the complications of that book, which many consider a disappointing ending to the series—not to mention extremely dark and likely to push the boundaries of a PG-13 rating. 

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The casting news is certainly encouraging, though, and comes as the Hunger Games media onslaught is set to strike leading up to Catching Fire's November release: the film will have a panel at Comic-Con next month, when a new trailer will debut. 

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