Sarah Palin Shows Her Power at RightOnline Conference

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COMMENTARY | Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the most powerful female politician on the planet, delivered the keynote address to the 2012 RightOnline conference in Las Vegas, heavily laden with red meat and attacks on the "lamestream media" and President Barack Obama.

RightOnline is an annual meeting of conservative bloggers and other purveyors of what is called "the new media." The conference had an extra air of poignancy due to the recent death of Andrew Brietbart, who proved how to take the new media and fashion it into a weapon against the left and all of its works.

Big Hollywood has a rundown of Palin's main points made in the speech. She not only paid tribute to Brietbart, but to Matt Drudge, one of the original purveyors of the new media, whose breaking of the Monica Lewinsky story did so much to blight the last years of the Clinton administration. Her main message to the bloggers was to keep one's independence and do not get co-opted by anyone with an agenda.

She also dished out zingers against President Obama, even making a reference to his dog-eating days in Indonesia. She teased the media for not reading "his autobiography? ... They would have learned a whole lot ... About pot smoking and cocaine smoking and what he ate. ... Fido. Rufus." The image of the president munching down on a poor pooch is one more than any other that is likely to get him retired to the private sector.

If anything, Palin proved again her power derives from an ability to deliver ideas in a plain spoken manner that in turn moves people and thus influences the nation's politics. Her Facebook page has been deadly to the pretensions of the left such as when she first coined the phrase "death panels" to describe a provision in Obamacare that would "encourage" end of life consultation. The left might bemoan her existence, demand to know why she is even relevant and try to use their control of the old media to destroy her, but yet Palin persists, a constant in American politics.

Palin can be loved or hated. But she can never be ignored. That makes her most powerful indeed.
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