Sarkozy, Hollande Wrap Up Last Day of Campaigning in France

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The last day of campaigning before the first round of the French presidential elections turned out to be much the same as the ones before it. Euronews reported all presidential candidates were required to finish their last-minute pushes Friday. Sunday's contest will determine which competitors in the field of 10 will make it to the run-off election May 6.

Here are some details.

* France 24 has reported government authorities have threatened to take legal action against anyone who publicizes the results of exit polling before the election has concluded since it is against the law.

* Traditionally, exit polling in smaller cities and villages is available as early as 6 p.m. but the law requires everyone wait until after 8 p.m. when polls close in the larger cities before releasing results.

* The law allows candidates to request an annulment of the results if the violations are so widespread that it is decided it heavily altered or influenced the outcome.

* Nicolas Sarkozy, who is predicted to lose to Francois Hollande in the second round of voting by as much as 10 percentage points, has been attacking his opponent's economic policies, asserting that if he is elected he will bring France down to the straits that Greece, Italy, and Spain are contending with, according to The Telegraph.

* Hollande has blasted Sarkozy for his mistakes, calling the president's apology on Friday "too little, too late."

* There will be at least one debate between the two candidates before the second round of voting. Allotted TV airtime will be split equally after Sunday's contest. During the last month, each candidate has only been allotted 10 percent of the available airtime.

* Sarkozy has indicated he welcomes going against Hollande in a more head-to-head manner, so the nation can see what each candidate is about, according to France 24.

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