How to Satisfy Grandparents with HP Cloud

How to Satisfy Grandparents with HP Cloud

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How to Satisfy Grandparents with HP Cloud

As we approached the birth of our first child my wife and I spent considerable time confronting our generation’s major parenting questions. How will we share photos of the kiddo with far-flung family members? Should we post them on Facebook? Does he need a Facebook account? Will our bachelor friends hate us for flooding their news feeds? What about grandma, grandpa and Aunt Sally who don’t use Facebook? These are tough questions but we ended up answering them all with three words, HP Cloud Services.

Working for HP Cloud means I’m a bit of a techy but I’m no software developer. Despite that, even I was able to take advantage of HP Cloud’s newest services (DNS, Load Balancer and Relational Database) to put together a highly-available, globally accessible, responsive, redundant adorable baby photo sharing blog. Want to know how we did it? Ask your parents how we got the adorable baby; here’s how I built the blog.

First I spun up an HP Cloud compute instance, logged into it, installed a standard LAMP stack and downloaded Wordpress, a popular blogging platform. I also used the new HP Relational Database service to spin up a MySQL server and configured my newly created blog to use that server during installation.  I now had a fully functional website on a single cloud instance using a secure, redundant database backend.

Once I had my blog fully configured, I used HP Cloud’s console to snapshot the server image and create three new Compute instances using that new image. I assigned floating IPs to the four compute instances and spun up a new Load Balancer pointed at the four IPs. Now I had a scalable set of compute instances working to power my blog which I could easily expand horizontally by adding more instances to the Load Balancer and quickly replacing instances in the event they had errors.

The last step was to make this whole setup available on the internet. Using HP’s Akamai powered DNS service I was able to quickly spin up a name server and point my newly registered domain there while creating DNS records so traffic looking for my blog was pointed to the load balancer I’d just created. Voila, I now had one super cute photo blog.  

In just a few short hours we went from grappling with age old social media etiquette questions to having a complete solution powered entirely by HP Cloud. I’d like to think photos of our son will become so popular that the scalability and redundancy will be utilized, but even if they aren't, it’s great to have the piece of mind that it’s there.  So head on over and marvel at the power of HP Cloud (or more likely how cute Rowan is J).

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