School board in Central Texas outlaws Confederate battle flag

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BUDA, Texas (AP) — A Central Texas school board is banning the Confederate battle flag from district property and district-sponsored events.

Hays board members voted 5-2 Monday to amend the student code of conduct to ban the flag, which was formerly displayed with the Hays High School Rebel mascot. The ban also covers any imagery deemed to be racially hostile, offensive or intolerant.

The action comes after two students were accused of writing racial slurs and urinating on the door of a black teacher’s classroom in May at Hays High. The school is in Buda, 15 miles south of Austin.

In October, the Hays board decided to keep “Dixie” as the school fight song.

The Confederate anthem has been known to evoke the traditions of proud state and region, but also slavery and prejudice.
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