• The Strongest, Most Expensive Material On Earth

    Take a small flake of graphite and put it on piece of regular old Scotch tape. Congratulations, you've just made graphene—the strongest material humans are aware of. For years, scientists didn't even believe that creating graphene was possible—even Andre Geim, one of the scientists responsible for…

    The Atlantic
  • Will ET Be Here Soon? NASA Brings Scientists, Theologians Together To Prepare

    Looking for extraterrestrial life is akin to a search for a cosmic needle-in-a-haystack, as evidenced by the above incredible Hubble Space Telescope image showing approximately 10,000 galaxies.In large part, thanks to NASA's Kepler spacecraft, more than

    Huffington Post
  • Inside The High-Tech Effort To Prevent The US Navy From Running Over Endangered Whales

    Julio Cortez/AP An over 55 foot long finback whale sits on a dry dock after it was pulled out of the water on April 16, 2014, in Jersey City, N.J. The whale was found stuck on the bow of a container ship in New York harbor on April 12, and later towed to an Army Corps of Engineers station. Marine…

    Business Insider
  • Finding Risks, Not Answers, In Gene Tests

    Jennifer was 39 and perfectly healthy, but her grandmother had died young from breast cancer, so she decided to be tested for mutations in two genes known to increase risk for the disease.When a genetic counselor offered additional tests for 20 other

    Huffington Post
  • SpaceX Dragon capsule reaches space station

    A Space Exploration Technologies cargo ship carrying an experimental 3-D printer and a habitat with 20 mice arrived at the International Space Station on Tuesday, ending a two-day journey. Working from inside the station's windowed cupola module, flight engineer Alexander Gerst, a European Space…

  • Campfire Tales Served as Early Human Social Media

    Telling stories around a campfire may have served as one of the first forms of "social media," helping humans create and spread culture, reports a new study on the Kalahari Bushmen in Africa. "At night, things mellow out," said the study's author, Polly Wiessner, a professor of anthropology at the…
  • The Steps To Success

    Who is the one person who has had the biggest impact on your life?

  • Including female animals in scientific studies really pays off

    Pretty much any animal medical researchers test is male. Despite the loads of research demonstrating important biological differences between how men and women react to various drugs or diseases, the default study subject is male. "These awards are investments in science, helping us go deeper, and…

    The Verge
  • Scientists Discover How to Breed Non-GMO Super Wheat—but It Will Take Some Genetic Engineering to Get There

    Jointed goatgrass is even worse than it sounds. Classified as a noxious weed in Washington state, it’s considered a threat to the state’s wheat industry, the fourth-largest in the U.S. Thanks to new research conducted at Washington State University, the noxious weed is now being looked at as a…
  • How Big Was the New iPhone Launch?

    Apple said it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models in the first weekend they were available in stores, making it the company's best launch ever.

    ABC News
  • Persuasion guru Robert Cialdini's advice for time-pressed executives

    Robert Cialdini has a modest proposal. After all, Professor Cialdini is a persuasion expert and exponent of "persuasion science". Thirty years ago, the psychologist established his credentials when he published the best-seller Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and became known as the…

    Financial Times
  • Next-Generation GMO Seeds Wait for Weed Killer to Win Over EPA

    Selling farmers on a new method of fighting weeds is a two-part proposition: The herbicide is sold along with genetically modified seeds designed to survive the spraying. widely used Roundup Ready crop-and-herbicide combo, with each part of its new product following separate regulatory tracks. The…

  • Do Your Kids' Brown-Bag Lunches Have Enough Calcium?

    It turns out that the brown-bag lunches we make may be less nutritious than we think they are, according to a study published last month in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The study showed that most home-packed lunches flunked when they were graded based on the criteria set…
  • NASA Mars probe slips into orbit around red planet

    Ten months and 442 million miles outbound from Earth, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft fired its braking rockets Sunday to slip into orbit around the red planet, kicking off a $671 million mission to find out how much of the martian atmosphere leaked away in the distant past in an extreme case of climate…

    CBS News
  • Spain repatriates from Sierra Leone priest diagnosed with Ebola

    Spain on Sunday repatriated from Sierra Leone a Spanish Catholic priest working in the African country who has tested positive for the Ebola virus. The Spanish military plane sent to repatriate Manuel Garcia Viejo, a member of the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios who worked in the Western city of…

  • Platform Sandals Revealed on Greek Statues Guarding Alexander-Era Tomb

    Let these ancient statues be an inspiration to tall girls who want to wear heels: A pair of caryatids revealed in a tomb in Greece stand more than 7 feet tall, and they have a little extra height from their platform sandals.  Archaeologists recently uncovered the feet of the wavy-haired female…
  • Mars on Earth: How Utah's Fantastical Moqui Marbles Formed

    Where the Navajo Sandstone loses its iconic peach, orange and red stripes, hundreds of round, iron-coated stones often litter the ground. The stony spheres are concretions — sandstone balls cemented by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals. Often called moqui marbles, acres of the chocolate-colored…
  • Jaw-dropping Aurora View Wins 2014 Astronomy Photo Contest

    A bright green aurora reflects off a glacial lake against the backdrop of a snow-covered mountain range in an incredible photo that took home first prize in an astrophotography competition. Representatives of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, have awarded James Woodend — the photographer…
  • Froot Loops® Cereal

    Who Says You Have to be a Kid to Enjoy the Fruity Goodness of Froot Loops? Remember The Sweet Aroma & Fruity Taste with a Bowl of Froot Loops Today!

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  • Super Schnozzle: Dinosaur with Exceptionally Large Nose Discovered

    The beast's giant nose earned the dinosaur the name Rhinorex condrupus, with the Latin word Rhinorex meaning "king nose." And it surely sported a large sniffer, having the largest nasal opening, relative to its size, of any duck-billed dinosaur and among the largest of any dinosaur, according to…