• Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Struck At Just The Wrong Time, New Study Suggests

    Just before a large asteroid slammed into the Earth 66 million years ago, the diversity of plant-eating dinosaur species declined slightly, a new study suggests. That minor shift may have been enough to doom all dinosaurs when the space rock hit.The scarcity of plant-eaters would have left them…

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  • At Malaysia Airlines Crash Site, Parents Seek Answers

    The chaos that followed the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has added to the worry that families will never learn exactly what happened.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Free Real Estate Event in Washington DC 7/28 - 8/2

    Join us for Than Merrill's, the star of A&E's 'Flip this House,' free 2 hour training event in the Washington DC area. Register before seats are gone!

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  • Long-Lost Anchor May Soon Give up Its Secrets

    After decades, possibly centuries, at the bottom of the sea — and a 2,200-mile-long (3,540 kilometers) road trip wrapped in damp blankets in the back of a pickup truck — a barnacle-crusted anchor arrived in Texas this week for a major cleaning. In 2008, a fisherman named Doug Monk was collecting…
  • Science is the new cleantech in the Valley but without the righteousness

    Science is the cleantech. Well, sort of. My thoughts on the evolving way for VCs to fund tough problems.

  • Changing Customer Behavior: Your Brain Loves a Story

    Brains are fascinating. The very thing that allows me to write this blog is both an abstract idea to me and a very concrete part of my anatomy. They are simple muscles in one regard and totally complex, almost spiritual, machines in another. The more we learn about brains, the more fascinating they…

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  • 'Family That Walks on All Fours' Not Evolutionary Throwbacks

    When Turkish evolutionary biologist Uner Tan introduced the world to a Turkish family with some members who could walk only on all fours, in a "bear crawl," he and other scientists speculated this odd gait was the resurgence of a trait lost during human evolution. The family and other people with…
  • We’re Close to Getting Mind-Reading Computers

    Muse is one of the first commercially available gadgets to bridge the gap between our brains and our devices. It’s a $300 EEG monitor that doesn’t make you look like an escapee from a mental ward. It’s also an important early step toward something much bigger: The ability to control objects — your…

    Yahoo Tech
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    Mobile app helps small farmers turn a profit

    A mobile app is helping farmers in Ghana increase crop yields and connect with industry players through an online communications medium that is easily accessible and cost-effective. 'mFarms' is an internet based platform that links all actors in the agricultural industry giving farmers access to…

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  • New Site UnMasks Anyone's Past Online!

    A new website makes it easy for anyone to search through anyone's records online. It's as simple as typing in a name and picking a state.

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  • Kids with Pets More Likely to Avoid Meat

    Those children who have formed attachments to their pets may develop empathy toward other animals, too, which can result in greater avoidance of eating meat, the researchers suggested. "Once an individual feels empathy toward animals, it makes it harder to eat animals," study author Hank…
  • 'Whistling' Volcanic Lightning Heard Halfway Around the World

    With the right tuning, radios can eavesdrop on this sizzling symphony of crackles, pops and whistles — the melody of millions of lightning bolts. A listener in New Zealand can even hear a volcano in Alaska erupt, a new study reports.
  • Enjoy the Show: Learn More with 'Sharknado 2'!

    People-eating sharks whipped up in a tornado, Manhattan as an ice-capped frozen wasteland, and solar flares that rapidly increase the temperature of the Earth's core resulting in cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and biblical-scale flooding. Over-the-top? Yes. Based on science? Loosely,…

    Huffington Post
  • Summer Skywatching: See the Clouds of the Milky Way

    One of the greatest pleasures for summer stargazers is viewing the splendor of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is still there, but you need to make a special effort to see it. At this time of year in the early evening, the core of the Milky Way galaxy looms just above the southern horizon. The height…
  • Geneticists offer clues to better rice, tomato crops

    Scientists on Sunday laid bare the genetic codes of African rice and a type of wild tomato, data they said should help breed more resilient crops. Teams detailed the genome sequences of the two plant species in separate papers in the journal Nature Genetics. "As the world population is projected to…

  • 17 Things Successful People Never Say

    Over 2,500 years ago, philosopher and...

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  • Why You Should Quit The Unhealthy Juicing Fad Now

    Juicing isn't a popular trend driven by celebrities, but doesn't actually work. Here's the alternative that's helped men and women by 950%

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  • Don't Miss These Minor Meteor Showers This Summer

    Each summer, amateur astronomers from all over the world look forward to observing the famous Perseid meteor shower, but often overlook six lesser celestial fireworks displays that reach their peak between July 28 and Aug. 20.  This year, a bright nearly-full moon will seriously interfere with…
  • Why 'Pinocchio' May Not Teach Kids Honesty

    For parents looking to teach their children a lesson about honesty, a new study suggests "George Washington and the Cherry Tree" is a more useful morality tale than "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." "We were very surprised by our results, because we thought the 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and 'Pinocchio'…
  • Richard III's makeshift grave opens to public

    The grave of King Richard III, immortalised by Shakespeare as one of history's great villains, was opened up to the public on Saturday in central England. The remains of the infamous ruler were found in 2012 under a car park in the city of Leicester. Around a hundred visitors were on hand to watch…

  • Fast Lunar WiFi: Connecting Beyond the Clouds

    Wifi on the moon? Is it really possible for the astronauts or the visitors to the earth’s satellite to enjoy the internet there? Well, the time to ask these questions is almost over. This might sound surprising, but the research and efforts by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…

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  • Public Invited to See Shuttle 'Lift Off' at Space Center Houston

    HOUSTON — The countdown is on for the liftoff of a space shuttle from Houston — and you are invited to take a front row seat. On Thursday, Aug. 14, Space Center Houston's full-size space shuttle replica, named the "Independence," will be hoisted by crane on top of NASA's historic Shuttle Carrier…
  • U.S. doctor contracts Ebola in Liberia

    A 33-year-old American doctor working for a relief organization in Liberia's capital has tested positive for the tropical disease Ebola, according to a statement from Samaritan's Purse. Dr. Kent Brantly, medical director at one of the country's two treatment centers run by the organization,…

  • Warren Buffett Reveals How $40 Becomes Millions

    Discover the dead-simple Warren Buffett strategy that could lead to life changing investing profits.

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