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  • Watch a 1,000-Foot-High Wave Move Across the Ocean

    Right now, two research vessels carrying some 40 marine scientists are battling stormy conditions in the Tasman Sea to learn more about gigantic subsurface waves—some 1,000 feet high—that are critical to both ocean health and accurate climate modeling. These internal ocean waves form, move, and…
  • 15 Celebrity Financial Mistakes- (PHOTOS)

    Celebrities from all over have made their honest money doing whatever it is that they do_. READ MORE

  • Huntington acquires Louis Pasteur's notes on brewing beer

    SAN MARINO, Calif. (AP) — People interested in what kind of beer the guy who invented pasteurization kicked back with after work will want to pay a visit to San Marino's Huntington Library.

    Associated Press
  • Naturalist Attenborough fancies the lowly slug - for sex appeal

    By Holly Rubenstein LONDON (Reuters) - David Attenborough has seen many of nature's most spectacular creatures in his 60 years of making television documentaries, but he says one of his favorites is the lowly, and in his view sexy, slug. "Slugs are amazing," Attenborough, 88, told Reuters at a…

  • Bio-AMD, Inc. Agreement with Sysmex & General Update

    LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2015 / Bio-AMD, Inc. and Bio Alternative Medical Devices Ltd., our majority owned medical devices subsidiary (together "Bio-AMD", "We" or ...

  • Google Lunar XPrize Milestone Awards Announced

    Andrew Barton, director of technical operations, Google Lunar XPrize contributed this article to's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Astrobotic, Hakuto, Moon Express, Part-Time Scientists and Team Indus have spent the past year putting their hardware and software through a series of…
  • Ring System 200 Times the Size of Saturn's Discovered

    A ring system circling a young giant planet about 430 light years from Earth is 200 times the size of Saturn's rings, scientists have discovered. WSJ's Monika Auger reports. Photo: Ron Miller

    WSJ Live
  • Organize Price-Band Relationships In Bollinger Bands®

    Bollinger Bands have become an enormously popular market tool since the 1990s but most traders fail to tap its true potential.

  • Microsoft Courts Data Scientists with Revolution Analytics Buy

    Capitalizing on the Big Data gold rush is the big driver behind Microsoft’s acquisition of Revolution Analytics, a company that supports an open source programming language popular with data scientists....

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Could Washington, D.C., Become the American Capital of Urban Farming?

    From the White House to the Washington Memorial, it's the famed symbols of American governments past and present that define Washington, D.C. Forget bureaucratic institutions and monuments to the paper pushers that have walked their halls—Mchezaji "Che" Axum hopes to usurp these dominant images of…
  • County suspends home purchase program over lava concerns

    HILO, Hawaii (AP) — Uncertainty over a lava flow in a mostly agricultural region of Hawaii's Big Island has prompted officials to put a hold on a program that allows a county agency to buy homes near a geothermal power plant.

    Associated Press
  • Local vendors, not supermarkets, key to Africa food security: TRFN

    By Chris Arsenault ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Traditional markets sell more than 85 percent of the food consumed in sub-Saharan Africa, and rather than replacing them with Western-style supermarkets, governments should train local vendors to improve food safety, researchers say. Contrary…

  • My BRCA Journey: Why Fear of Information Imperils Genetic Testing

    The world breaks down into two camps, my genetic counselor said: people who want information, and people who don't. I've been writing about gene testing and genomics for a long time, but as I navigated my own recent journey in genetic testing, I learned why that divide will probably remain the…

    Huffington Post
  • Scientists Finally Invent an Espresso Cup Suitable for Space

    Scientists may have found a way to get astronauts really good coffee in space, but what's the point of a zero-gravity certified espresso machine if there's no good cup to drink it out of? Wired writes that researchers at Portland State University spent the past year creating an espresso cup…

  • The new space race

    NASA greenlit SpaceX and Boeing to fly U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station by 2017.

    TouchVision55 mins ago
  • DARPA Overhauls 'Atlas' Robot Ahead of Competition This Summer

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the branch of the U.S. Department of Defense charged with developing new technologies for the military, recently upgraded its Atlas robot in preparation for the final round of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). Seven of the teams that made it…
  • 'Autisms' A More Appropriate Term Than 'Autism,' Geneticists Say

    There are so many different genetic forms of autism that using the singular term, autism, is misleading, researchers say.

    Yahoo Health
  • Clash Of Kings

    Clash of Kings is a new real time strategy game for where you battle to build an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms!

  • Gigaom Research webinar: Big data application development: why it matters

    Big Data is still in its early stages of life; to get to the next stage, its integration with core enterprise technologies needs to get better. Chief among the enterprise environments with which Big Data ...