• Could Dinosaurs Have Survived the Impact that Killed Them?

    But a period of low diversity among herbivorous dinosaurs, at least in North America, may have set the stage for the massive die-off, according to a study published today (July 28) in the journal Biological Reviews. "The dinosaur extinction is one of the great mysteries in all of science," said…
  • Fast Lunar WiFi: Connecting Beyond the Clouds

    Wifi on the moon? Is it really possible for the astronauts or the visitors to the earth’s satellite to enjoy the internet there? Well, the time to ask these questions is almost over. This might sound surprising, but the research and efforts by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…

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  • Special Life Insurance Offers Cheaper Rates

    Starting at $5.50/month, burial life insurance can be significantly less expensive

  • At Malaysia Airlines Crash Site, Parents Seek Answers

    The chaos that followed the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has added to the worry that families will never learn exactly what happened.

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  • Enjoy the Show: Learn More with 'Sharknado 2'!

    People-eating sharks whipped up in a tornado, Manhattan as an ice-capped frozen wasteland, and solar flares that rapidly increase the temperature of the Earth's core resulting in cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and biblical-scale flooding. Over-the-top? Yes. Based on science? Loosely,…

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  • Don't Miss These Minor Meteor Showers This Summer

    Each summer, amateur astronomers from all over the world look forward to observing the famous Perseid meteor shower, but often overlook six lesser celestial fireworks displays that reach their peak between July 28 and Aug. 20.  This year, a bright nearly-full moon will seriously interfere with…
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    Mobile app helps small farmers turn a profit

    A mobile app is helping farmers in Ghana increase crop yields and connect with industry players through an online communications medium that is easily accessible and cost-effective. 'mFarms' is an internet based platform that links all actors in the agricultural industry giving farmers access to…

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  • Geneticists offer clues to better rice, tomato crops

    Scientists on Sunday laid bare the genetic codes of African rice and a type of wild tomato, data they said should help breed more resilient crops. Teams detailed the genome sequences of the two plant species in separate papers in the journal Nature Genetics. "As the world population is projected to…

  • 17 Things Successful People Never Say

    Over 2,500 years ago, philosopher and...

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  • U.S. doctor contracts Ebola in Liberia

    A 33-year-old American doctor working for a relief organization in Liberia's capital has tested positive for the tropical disease Ebola, according to a statement from Samaritan's Purse. Dr. Kent Brantly, medical director at one of the country's two treatment centers run by the organization,…

  • Richard III's makeshift grave opens to public

    The grave of King Richard III, immortalised by Shakespeare as one of history's great villains, was opened up to the public on Saturday in central England. The remains of the infamous ruler were found in 2012 under a car park in the city of Leicester. Around a hundred visitors were on hand to watch…

  • Volunteers Emerge from Mock Mars Base in Hawaii

    Six volunteers are enjoying their first weekend of freedom after spending four months inside a mock Mars base atop a Hawaiian volcano, all in the name of science. The crew of the second Hawaii Space Exploration Analog & Simulation mission, or HI-SEAS 2, emerged from their mock Mars habitat on…
  • Public Invited to See Shuttle 'Lift Off' at Space Center Houston

    HOUSTON — The countdown is on for the liftoff of a space shuttle from Houston — and you are invited to take a front row seat. On Thursday, Aug. 14, Space Center Houston's full-size space shuttle replica, named the "Independence," will be hoisted by crane on top of NASA's historic Shuttle Carrier…
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    What Are The Chances Of Being In A Plane Crash? - DNews

    In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of plane crashes reported in the news. How likely is it that a person will be involved in a crash? Join Laci as she discusses how unlikely it is that you will be involved in one.

  • Lake Huron fishery recovers, but anglers skeptical

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — More than a decade after its prized chinook salmon crashed, Lake Huron is fertile fishing territory once more, with fast-growing populations of native species such as walleye and lake trout, biologists say. Now the challenge is convincing anglers to take the bait.

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  • The Best Sample Site in All the Land

    I feel silly for not figuring out how to get free samples sooner. It is so darn easy, my toddler could do this!

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  • Science on the job: Teachers learn from tech firms

    A small but growing number of science and math teachers aren't spending the summer at the beach or catching up on books, they're toiling at companies, practicing the principles they teach. As American ...

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  • Changing Customer Behavior: Your Brain Loves a Story

    Brains are fascinating. The very thing that allows me to write this blog is both an abstract idea to me and a very concrete part of my anatomy. They are simple muscles in one regard and totally complex, almost spiritual, machines in another. The more we learn about brains, the more fascinating they…

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  • Alien World's Size Measured With Unprecedented Accuracy

    Astronomers have made the best-ever measurement to date of the radius of an alien world. Using observations by NASA's Kepler and Spitzer space telescopes, researchers determined that the exoplanet Kepler-93b is 1.48 times the size of Earth, confirming its status as a super-Earth — a world slightly…

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  • How Do You Add Structure to Creativity? It’s Not a Trick Question

    Want more creativity and innovation inside your organization? Get less haphazard. Sounds counter intuitive – but hold that thought. Too often people confuse unbridled and accidental with creative and innovative. There’s a reason why Einstein always said he worked better with a deadline. Creativity…

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  • Bunnies on the Moon? 7 Lunar Myths Apollo 11 Debunked

    Myth 2: There are moon bunnies on the lunar surface From Asia to South America, the folklore abounds about how, in various ways, a rabbit's image had been imprinted on the lunar surface.
  • Ebola center in Sierra Leona under guard after protest march

    By Umaru Fofana FREETOWN (Reuters) - Police were guarding an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone on Saturday, the day after thousands marched on the clinic following allegations by a former nurse the deadly virus was invented to conceal "cannibalistic rituals" there, a regional police chief…

  • Have You Seen Your School Yearbooks?

    Take A Free Peek At Your School Yearbooks - Get Access to Friends and Photos. Every School Listed...