• Late monsoon starts Indian farmer's "journey to hell"

    By Ratnajyoti Dutta SHAMLI India (Reuters) - Indian farmer Asghar Bhura scrapes a living by growing sugarcane, but this year's late monsoon has left his tiny plot parched and he will earn nothing from his harvest. Bhura will have to go and work for a big grower to feed his family of six, making 250…

  • Drugmakers to share neglected compounds with British academia

    A group of seven leading drugmakers has agreed to share an array of neglected experimental medicines with British academic researchers in the latest example of the deepening ties between industry and external scientists. British business minister Vince Cable announced the new partnership on Tuesday…

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  • Whales and Dolphins in Danger as Obama Administration Approves Offshore Oil Exploration

    When it comes to protecting the oceans and marine life, it seems that the Obama administration gives with one hand and takes with the other. On Friday, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management approved the use of sonic cannons for oil and gas exploration off the East Coast from Delaware to Florida,…
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    Raw: Cargo Craft Undocks From Space Station

    A Russian Soyuz cargo-carrying spacecraft undocked from the International Space Station on Monday. The craft is due to undergo about ten days of engineering tests before it burns up in the Earth's atmosphere. (July 22)

    Associated Press Videos
  • Russia Launches Live Animals on Two-Month Space Mission

    A high-flying package of live animals, plant seeds, and materials samples shot into space Friday (July 18) aboard a retrievable Russian Foton satellite, launching a two-month mission focusing on microgravity research into biological and physical sciences. The workhorse launcher fired its…
  • The Digital Reality: How Technology has Transformed the New Business

    Technology builds the business. Technology refines the business. Technology grows the business. Technology is the business.  Robert Plant recently wrote an article over at Harvard Business Review that started turning the wheels in my pen-and-paper, words-kind-of–girl head. Plant claims that IT Has…

    Business 2 Community
  • Deadly Coral Diseases Surge Near Dredging Sites

    In a first study of its kind, researchers have linked dredging to increased sickness in nearby coral reefs. Researchers studied the effects of such digging operations on the health of corals around Barrow Island, which is located off the west coast of Australia. "At dredging sites, we found more…
  • An Eye to the Past Can Help Guide the Future

    A survey finds financial health is higher among those who dwell on the past, compared with those who live in the moment or even plan for the future.

    The New York Times
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  • NASA Names Historic Operations Building for 1st Moonwalker Neil Armstrong

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA on Monday (July 21) paid tribute to the first man to walk on the moon by naming a building at its Florida spaceport where work is being advanced to send astronauts to Mars. The "Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building" at NASA's Kennedy Space Center added the…
  • [video] NASA Celebrates 45th Anniversary of Moon Landing

    July 20 marked the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin describes the landing, and what he, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins experienced on the flight. ...

  • Are These 28 European Countries About to Open the Door to Monsanto Company?

    New policy in Europe concerning biotech crops could create the next wave of growth for Monsanto Company, Syngenta, and The Dow Chemical Company.

    Motley Fool
  • Boy's Ear Problems Had Rare Cause: Gut Disease

    A 10-year-old boy in North Carolina suffered from ear pain and hearing problems for years before doctors were finally able to crack the case: He did not have an ear condition after all, but an underlying disease in the gut. He was prescribed eardrops, antibiotics and other medications, but nothing…
  • Donated skulls in Washington state lead to more human remains

    By Victoria Cavaliere SEATTLE (Reuters) - Authorities in Washington state were looking for a person who donated three human skulls to a thrift store last month, and said on Monday their pleas for information had instead prompted the handover of yet more human remains. The Seattle and King County…

  • Why Power in the Workplace Makes People Feel They Control Time

    When it comes to time, people in power believe they have more of it at their disposal than others.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • 10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000

    You don't have to spend a fortune to ride in style. We list this year's cars that are sure to make your friends jealous of your cool factor.

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    How It Happens | Carbon Capture

    To fight against global warming, the world needs to sharply reduce emissions of carbon dioxide gas. A technology called carbon capture and storage can keep the gas out of the environment.

    New York Times
  • Radar search to find lost Aboriginal burial site

    Scientists said Tuesday they hope that radar technology will help them find a century-old Aboriginal burial ground on an Australian island, bringing some closure to the local indigenous population. Peter Davies, from Queensland's University of the Sunshine Coast, is researching the ancient…

  • Genetic mapping triggers new hope on schizophrenia

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists have linked more than 100 spots in our DNA to the risk of developing schizophrenia, casting light on the mystery of what makes the disease tick.

    Associated Press
  • Mormon Church Hasn't Budged on Gender Roles in 40 Years

    The Mormon Church has not shifted its official positions on the roles of men and women since the 1970s, a new study finds. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the LDS Church, has 15 million members worldwide and is the fourth-largest church in the United States. LDS theology is…
  • Israel’s Iron Dome Isn’t Working: A Weapons Expert’s Warning

    The battle to protect Israeli civilians from Hamas rockets is like a deadly game of baseball, and Iron Dome is the overmatched outfielder

  • NASA Probe Sees Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site from Space (Video)

    A NASA probe orbiting the moon has recently beamed back new images of what Apollo 11's Tranquility Base looks like now. An amazing new moon video created from data collected by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter gives space fans a new look at the Apollo 11 landing site years after astronauts Neil…
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