• Do You Have What It Takes to Go Into Space? (Probably)

    With pioneering companies like Space Adventures, Virgin Galactic and XCOR vying to launch average folks skyward, it seems like almost anyone can have the right stuff.

    The Wall Street Journal19 mins ago
  • Lantern gets early funding for mental health therapy app

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Lantern, a technology startup that offers online and mobile coaching programs to support mental health, has won early backing for its service. Executives at the 2-year-old startup said on Friday it has raised $4.4 million from investors led by Silicon Valley-based venture…

  • Adult support of bullied LGB youths tied to fewer suicide attempts

    By Shereen Lehman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Bullied lesbian, gay and bisexual high school students are less likely to fight and attempt suicide when they feel connected to an adult at school, suggests a new study. Helping these lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) kids develop meaningful connections…

  • Out of thin air, a business trend appears

    Technology from Chicago-based Mu Sigma helps the likes of Microsoft, Pfizer, and Wal-Mart identify valuable interconnections that can alter analytics results.

  • A conversation with the U.S. Energy Secretary on energy innovation and the Valley’s role

    A year and a half after taking the lead at the Department of Energy, Ernie Moniz reflects on changes to the loan programs, and how the government and Silicon Valley can fund energy innovation.

  • First private mission to the moon blasts off aboard a Chinese rocket

    A Chinese Long March rocket has blasted off for a lunar flyby today, bringing with it a spacecraft for what claims to be the first privately funded mission to the moon. This spacecraft (attached to the ...

  • Hubble Space Telescope 25th Anniversary Exhibit Opens at NYC Museum

    Astronaut Mike Massimino is sitting on the floor, completely fixated on the video showing him and his former space shuttle crewmates training underwater to upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope. To me, it is very, very personal," Massimino says. Eric Boehm, the curator at the Intrepid Sea, Air and…
  • Norwich Information Security MS

    Online, accredited, top ranked. NSA Center of Academic Excellence. Recognized by the Department of Homeland Security. Download your free brochure!

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  • How to Safely Watch the Partial Solar Eclipse

    While heavy rain blasts parts of the country, those with clear skies will have a prime view today of the fourth and final eclipse of the year.

    ABC News
  • Record Bid! Early Apple Computer Sells for Nearly $1 Million

    A rare Apple-1 computer built in Steve Jobs' garage in the summer of 1976 sold at auction this week for a record-breaking $905,000. The high price tag — almost double the original estimated value — makes this particular Apple-1 model the world's most valuable computer relic and the most expensive…
  • Nigeria pledges 600 volunteers as Africa steps up Ebola fight

    By Felix Onuah and Umaru Fofana ABUJA/FREETOWN (Reuters) - Nigeria pledged on Thursday to send a contingent of 600 volunteers to help fight the worst ever outbreak of Ebola on record which has killed nearly 5,000 people in West Africa. With financial pledges flowing in from around the world but…

  • Anti-aging skincare products personalized with DNA analysis

    The UK's Geneu has developed U+, a system that uses in-store gene analysis to tailor skincare to each customer's DNA.

  • Feeling better has never been easier!

    Medically proven patch with patented active ingredients. Cleanse heavy metals and cure stress once and for all.

  • Most U.S. farmers worried about data privacy -farm bureau survey

    The American Farm Bureau Federation said in the survey of 3,380 farmers from late July to September that more than 82 percent of farmers are unsure how companies selling data-mining tools aimed at boosting yields and efficiency plan to use their data. Despite the unease, more than half of farmers…

  • The Elusive 'Bilingual' Molecule

    In 1953, Crick and Watson (with some help from Rosalind Franklin) determined the structure of DNA. Ultimately he was right—that's exactly the job that transfer RNA does. In 1956, Paul Zamecnik, a scientist working at Harvard, and his group of researchers made what one of them, Mahlon Hoagland,…

    The Atlantic
  • Egg Freezing: 5 Things You Need to Know

    The announcement that Apple and Facebook will cover the steep cost of egg freezing for their employees has many people talking about the risks and benefits of the procedure. Last week, Facebook said it has already started covering egg freezing, and Apple plans to add the benefit next year. Egg…
  • NASA gets hip, uses SoundCloud for space playlist

    Like a music hipster, NASA has taken to SoundCloud to create a playlist of audio clips associated with historic space voyages that cut across decades.

  • Corporations, advocacy groups spend big on ballot measures

    Corporations and national advocacy groups are throwing big dollars behind TV ads before voters decide 158 state ballot measures.

    Center for Public Integrity
  • Behold, the Soundtrack of Space

    Technically, there is no sound in space: What we think of as sound is a series of vibrations in the air ; and there is, to the ongoing frustration of NASA and Hollywood producers, no air beyond Earth's ...

    The Atlantic
  • Monsanto, soy exporter royalties dispute rages on in Brazil

    The majority of soy exporting firms in Brazil have still not agreed to collect royalties for seed giant Monsanto Co, threatening sales of up to a quarter of the country's soy crop, industry association Abiove said on Thursday. A small, local exporter told Reuters earlier this month it had agreed to…