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  • The Stratolaunch Will Soon Be the Largest Plane in the World

    Over the years, man has built some truly colossal airplanes. But in 2016, an even larger aircraft is expected to take flight, and when completed, it will officially be the largest plane in the world. That massive aircraft is known as the Stratolaunch.  The Stratolaunch is currently in production at…

  • International Astronomical Union Meeting Kicks Off in Hawaii

    More than 3,500 astronomers and space scientists from 75 countries are expected to attend the XXIX (29th) International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly meeting, being held from Aug. 3 to Aug. 14.
  • Is Our Universe a Fake?

    Robert Lawrence Kuhn is the creator, writer and host of "Closer to Truth," a public television and multimedia program that features the world's leading thinkers exploring humanity's deepest questions. Kuhn is co-editor, with John Leslie, of "The Mystery of Existence: Why Is There Anything at All?"…
  • Missing plane draws eyes to land of molten lava and killer sharks

    By Joe Brock SAINT-DENIS, Reunion (Reuters) - As experts on the Indian Ocean island Reunion studied plane debris for clues in the search for missing flight MH370, scientist Nicolas Villeneuve was making his own discovery: the island's volcano was about to erupt. Reunion, a part of France that lies…

  • 10 things farm stands won’t tell you

    Tempted by roadside produce? Remember the sour that comes with the sweet. Here are 10 things farm stands won’t tell you.

  • Weed: Good for the Bones?

    Got pot? Marijuana might take a cue from the famous advertising slogan for milk. The compound cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), which is a nonhallucinogenic chemical in marijuana plants, helps heal bone fractures, the research finds.
  • Israel-British project makes Hebrew texts available online

    JERUSALEM (AP) — One of the oldest surviving Hebrew manuscripts, a bible dating back more than 1,000 years, will soon be available online in a joint project with The British Library in London, the National Library of Israel said Monday.

    Associated Press
  • Think Your Conscious Brain Directs Your Actions? Think Again.

    Think your deliberate, guiding, conscious thoughts are in charge of your actions?Think again.In a provocative new paper in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a team led by Dr. Ezequiel Morsella at San Francisco State University came to a startling conclusion: consciousness is no more than a passive…

    Huffington Post
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    Robot vs. Human: Who's The Better Soccer Player? - DNews

    Robots can take over many jobs, but can they replace athletes?

  • Barnacles on debris could provide clues to missing MH370: experts

    By Swati Pandey SYDNEY (Reuters) - Barnacles encrusted on a piece of plane debris that washed up on the French island of Reunion might help unravel the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that disappeared last year with 239 passengers and crew on board. Malaysia said on Sunday the…

  • Climate: No 'Plan B' for oceans, says study

    Technology to drain heat-trapping CO2 from the atmosphere may slow global warming, but will not reverse climate damage to the ocean on any meaningful timescale, according to research published Monday. At the same time, a second study reported, even the most aggressive timetable for reducing…

  • Do Not Pit Animal Welfare Against Starving Children (Op-Ed)

    Chetana Mirle is the director of Farm Animal Welfare at Humane Society International. Simply producing more food doesn't always mean that the people who need the food get it. I learned this well before I began my career protecting chickens, pigs and the other billions of animals raised and killed…
  • Microsoft: What Software Company Has to Gain From Reported Uber Investment

    Uber has ballooned into a $50 billion transportation juggernaut just six years after its launch and now Microsoft is said to want a piece of the action.

    ABC News
  • Gobbling Up Space Debris: A Pac-Man Approach Proposed

    The intent is to eliminate threatening, human-made orbital debris. A new entry to de-litter Earth orbit is the Clean Space One project, spearheaded by researchers from eSpace, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne's (EPFL) Center for Space Engineering and Signal Processing 5 Laboratory and…
  • Most picky eating harmless but it can signal emotional woes

    CHICAGO (AP) — Parents of picky eaters take heart: New research suggests the problem is rarely worth fretting over, although in a small portion of kids it may signal emotional troubles that should be checked out.

    Associated Press
  • Tree of 40 Fruit: Dazzling Franken-Tree Has Roots in Science

    The so-called "Tree of 40 Fruit" — blossoming in a variety of pretty pink hues when completed — is rooted in science. The eye-catching artistic rendering of the tree brought worldwide attention to its creator, Sam Van Aken, a professor in the school of art at Syracuse University in New York. "[Van…
  • How Positive People Self-Protect Against Vulnerability

    Are you an optimist? Optimism is a human trait that makes us see the glass half full, instead of half empty. While this sounds good in theory, and it can be a positive trait, if you are an optimist, you may look at life in a way that alters your perspective of negative experiences. For instance,…

    Huffington Post
  • Why your office is so cold: Its AC system is designed entirely for men

    A new study published today in Nature Climate Change finds that women have much lower metabolic rates than the standard used in the formula — meaning they generate less heat — and that, as a result, it overestimates how much air conditioning they prefer. "This leads to uncomfortable people and is a…
  • Brain training app could help people with schizophrenia

    A "brain training" iPad game developed in Britain may improve the memory of patients with schizophrenia, helping them in their daily lives at home and at work, researchers said on Monday. Scientists at Cambridge University said tests on a small number of patients who played the game over four weeks…

  • Sparse Snow on Cascade's Mount Baker Viewed from Space

    New photos taken from space show the significant snow loss this year atop Mount Baker, in Washington state. A camera on NASA's satellite Landsat 8 captured a photograph on July 9 showing snow cover of about 17 square miles (45 square kilometers) atop the mountain. A previous photo, taken July 3,…