• UN climate chief says technology has changed carbon politics

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Technological advances that have reduced prices and improved efficiency of renewable energy have helped transform the politics around climate change since 2009 when an attempt to forge a global deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions crashed in Copenhagen, the United…

    Associated Press
  • Roche says FDA grants breakthrough therapy designation for venetoclax

    ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss drugmaker Roche said on Thursday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted breakthrough therapy designation for venetoclax for the treatment of people who have relapsed or refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia with a genetic abnormality. "We are pleased that…

  • Leaving on a jet plane...fueled by fungus?

    Could a common fungus found in decaying soil, leaves and fruit power aircraft? Scientists from Washington State University think so.

  • curbedwire: Greenway Aerial Sculpture Bird-Safe; Silicon Valley in Boston

    DOWNTOWN BOSTON—One of those big ideas for developing Winthrop Square sounds either like Valhalla or a waking nightmare: "Instead of a private marble lobby, imagine a glassy galleria about twice the size of Boston innovation center District Hall. There...

    Curbed Boston
  • NASA tech helps find Nepal earthquake survivors

    A new search-and-rescue tech by NASA JPL and Homeland Security found living survivors buried underneath 10 feet of debris in Nepal, proving that it works in real-life situations. The briefcase-like device ...

  • Safety switches may redeem potent CAR T cancer therapies

    By Ransdell Pierson NEW YORK (Reuters) - New therapies that clinical data show can eliminate blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma in 40 percent to 90 percent of patients may have to be genetically modified to include a switch that shields healthy cells from attack. The therapies could…

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    Space Capsule Ejector Test

    Spacex tests unmanned escape in launch at Cape Canaveral.

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  • Curbed National: MIT Unveils 190-Ton Memorial Dedicated to Sean Collier, Officer Slain by Boston Marathon Bombers

    Photo by Iwan Baan via MIT News In Cambridge, Massachusetts yesterday, MIT dedicated a new permanent memorial to Sean Collier, the campus police officer ambushed by the Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on April 18, 2013. The completed...

    Curbed Cape Cod
  • Capitol Hill's Uber caucus

    Politicians — liberal and conservative — are voting for upstart car booking company with their wallets.

    Center for Public Integrity
  • The debate over Arctic drilling - what's at stake

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Seattle's mayor and environmentalists have vowed to block Royal Dutch Shell PLC from parking two Arctic offshore drilling rigs on Seattle's waterfront, an effort to thwart the new frontier in oil exploration and spark a national debate about fossil fuels and climate change.

    Associated Press
  • U.S. tech industry needs women, must interest them at school

    By Maria Caspani NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - New York City programmer Bana Malik was passionate about computers and mathematics from an early age, a video games enthusiast and email user way before many of her male friends. "I didn't see many of the women around me get into this…

  • New type of stem cell may make study of human embryos easier

    Scientists have found a new type of stem cell, one that can develop into any kind of tissue in the body, that may make research on early embryonic cell states easier — and could lead to new research opportunities for developmental disorders. The new human embryonic stem cells were injected into…

    The Verge
  • The Pope, the Planet and Public Health

    As far as I can tell, there seem to be two basic religious attitudes toward the planet. One may be summed up along the lines of: It was made for us, and we can do whatever we want with it (or to it). The other is: It was made for us, it is precious beyond measure, and our appreciation for the gift…

    Huffington Post
  • The Reason Why Big Whales Make Gulping Food Look So Easy

    The reason why whales make taking big gulp look so easy: the mammals have stretchy nerves in their jaws allowing their tongue and mouth to nearly double in size.

    ABC News
  • SpaceX test-fires modern escape system for Dragon astronauts

    The private space-exploration company's passenger capsule roars away from Cape Canaveral Wednesday in a test of its system for boosting a crew to safety in an emergency.

  • Peak works with neuroscience experts to make your brain sweat

    Peak just teamed up with some neuroscientists to work your brain over hardcore

  • New super PAC takes moon shot

    Three Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter staffers want politicians to invest in research, education

    Center for Public Integrity
  • In Seattle, 'kayaktivists' take on Arctic oil drilling

    SEATTLE (AP) — Royal Dutch Shell wants to park two massive Arctic oil drilling rigs in Seattle's waterfront — but the petroleum giant will have to get around protesters in kayaks and a mayor determined to take on climate change.

    Associated Press
  • Latest draftees could benefit from new-age concussion test

    By Larry Fine NEW YORK (Reuters) - The 2015 NFL Draft class has now been welcomed into the league, one that could grow safer as their careers unfold through new-age research into identifying concussions. Following a final settlement of a lawsuit brought by former players over concussions that could…