• Most U.S. farmers worried about data privacy -farm bureau survey

    The American Farm Bureau Federation said in the survey of 3,380 farmers from late July to September that more than 82 percent of farmers are unsure how companies selling data-mining tools aimed at boosting yields and efficiency plan to use their data. Despite the unease, more than half of farmers…

  • How to Safely Watch the Partial Solar Eclipse

    While heavy rain blasts parts of the country, those with clear skies will have a prime view today of the fourth and final eclipse of the year.

    ABC News
  • Anti-aging skincare products personalized with DNA analysis

    The UK's Geneu has developed U+, a system that uses in-store gene analysis to tailor skincare to each customer's DNA.

  • The Elusive 'Bilingual' Molecule

    In 1953, Crick and Watson (with some help from Rosalind Franklin) determined the structure of DNA. Ultimately he was right—that's exactly the job that transfer RNA does. In 1956, Paul Zamecnik, a scientist working at Harvard, and his group of researchers made what one of them, Mahlon Hoagland,…

    The Atlantic
  • Egg Freezing: 5 Things You Need to Know

    The announcement that Apple and Facebook will cover the steep cost of egg freezing for their employees has many people talking about the risks and benefits of the procedure. Last week, Facebook said it has already started covering egg freezing, and Apple plans to add the benefit next year. Egg…
  • NASA gets hip, uses SoundCloud for space playlist

    Like a music hipster, NASA has taken to SoundCloud to create a playlist of audio clips associated with historic space voyages that cut across decades.

  • Corporations, advocacy groups spend big on ballot measures

    Corporations and national advocacy groups are throwing big dollars behind TV ads before voters decide 158 state ballot measures.

    Center for Public Integrity
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    How Nasal Cells Helped a Paralyzed Man Walk Again

    Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- A man, paralyzed after being attacked with a knife, is able to walk again thanks to stem-cell research. A team of scientists from the U.K. and Poland managed to take cells from the patients nose and ankle and repair the damagedcells in his spine. The professor who led the…

  • Behold, the Soundtrack of Space

    Technically, there is no sound in space: What we think of as sound is a series of vibrations in the air ; and there is, to the ongoing frustration of NASA and Hollywood producers, no air beyond Earth's ...

    The Atlantic
  • Investopedia
  • This is what a 'Star Wars' blaster bolt would look like in real life

    A team of physicists has created a film that shows what a real-life "laser bullet" would look like in action. Hint: it's not like in "Star Wars."

  • How to Gladden a Wealthy Mind

    Why doesn’t more money always buy more happiness? A growing body of research is showing that modern work demands and brain’s chemistry are mostly to blame.

    The New York Times
  • For $100,000, You Can Clone Your Dog

    Sooam Biotech brings cloning to China, has plans to save Korean cattle, and will clone your pet dog for $100,000

  • Drones Are Tracking Malaria-Carrying Monkeys

    On the island of Borneo, one-pound aerial drones are hard at work mapping the potential for malaria to jump from macaque monkeys to humans.
  • Read About the Potential Food Crisis of Tomorrow in a Graphic Novel Today

    It’s 2025, and a climate-change fueled worldwide drought is putting an immense strain on farmers and has resulted in a global food shortage. A family in Guatemala loses its farm to a land grab orchestrated by a group of plantation owners; declining crop yields are resulting in more expensive food…
  • Cosmonauts Breeze Through Speedy Spacewalk at Space Station

    Two Russian cosmonauts breezed through a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Wednesday (Oct. 22) on a mission to collect old experiments and inspect their orbital home. Clad in bulky Orlan spacesuits, cosmonauts Max Suraev and Alexander Samokutyaev planned to spend about six hours…
  • 7 of the biggest moments in space history, captured in sound

    If you've ever wanted to listen to the raw, unedited sound of the Space Shuttle taking off from Kennedy Space Center, you're in luck:
  • NASA's new Soundcloud album: Listen to the exploration of space

    NASA has created an album of sounds on Soundcloud, including rocket launches, recordings from space shuttle missions and even a song about water on the moon.

  • China launches first mission to moon and back

    China launched its first space mission to the moon and back early Friday, authorities said, the latest step forward for Beijing's ambitious programme to one day land a Chinese citizen on the Earth's only natural satellite. The unnamed, unmanned probe will travel to the moon, fly around it and head…