• King Richard III's Final Moments Were Quick & Brutal

    King Richard III's Final Moments Were Quick & Brutal Richard III's last moments were likely quick but terrifying, according to a new study of the death wounds of the last king of England to die in battle. But Richard III's last moments were the stuff of legend alone, as the king's body was lost…
  • King Richard III died painfully on battlefield

    England's King Richard III might well have lost his kingdom for a horse. "Richard was probably in quite a lot of pain at the end," said Sarah Hainsworth, a professor of materials engineering at the University of Leicester and one of the study authors.

    Associated Press
  • Nanotech Announces Completion of Fortress Optical Acquisition

    Nanotech Announces Completion of Fortress Optical Acquisition VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2014 / Nanotech Security Corp. (NTS.V) (NTSFF), announces that further to its news releases of August 26 and September 12, 2014 the Company has now

  • U.S. air force seeks funding for space surveillance satellites

    Air Force plans to request initial funding for three surveillance satellites to track objects in space as part of its fiscal 2016 budget request, a top Air Force general said Tuesday. General John Hyten, head of Air Force Space Command, told the annual Air Force Association conference the…

  • Boeing, SpaceX win contracts to build 'space taxis' for NASA

    CAPE CANAVERAL/WASHINGTON, Sept 16 (Reuters) - NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending U.S.

  • 1 Tip To Lose Belly Fat

    It's Hollywood's Hottest Diet And Gets Rid Of Stubborn Fat Areas Like Nothing Else.

  • US Waistlines Gained an Inch This Decade

    The average waistline of people in the United States has expanded more than an inch in one decade, a new study finds. The researchers looked at nearly 33,000 adults and the circumference of their waists, which is a measure of abdominal fat. The results showed that in 2012, the average waistline was…
  • OLFC Partners with The Autism Asperger's Digest in a Special Offer for NOXO Sensory Balm(tm)

    PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2014 / Olfactory Biosciences Corp (OLFC) is pleased to announce that they have partnered with The Autism Asperger's Digest in a special offer for NOXO Sensory Balm(tm), a new topical medicine alternative, available online at…

  • Airbus Seeks to Sell Some Defense and Space Operations

    Airbus Group, the European aerospace and defense giant, said on Tuesday that it intended to sell several defense and space businesses as it streamlines that division. The move follows a review of business lines after Airbus announced a restructuring of the division last year, when it combined its…

    The New York Times
  • To Eliminate River Sludge, Modern Tech Is Key (Video)

    Gary Strieker was a CNN correspondent for 20 years, covering Africa as Nairobi bureau chief and then traveling the globe to report on the planet's threatened species and habitats. The giant paper mill has operated for 60 years on the banks of the Altamaha, a mighty, undammed river in southern…
  • LIGO Generations (Trailer)

    Kai Staats is an entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker and now a Masters student at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cosmology Research Group, Cape Town, South Africa. Capturing any film is challenging, a story in and of itself, but there was a single interview that encapsulated the…
  • SpaceX must meet high standard to get rocket certified-general

    Air Force general on Tuesday said he favored competition for military rocket launches, but insisted the Air Force must stick to its high standards in certifying the Falcon 9 rocket, built by privately-held Space Exploration Technologies. SpaceX is working through a detailed certification process…

  • SpaceX, Boeing land NASA contracts to carry astronauts to space

    The contracts mark a significant shift for the space agency that grounded the space shuttle and relies on Russian spacecraft to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Awarding the contracts -- one to an aerospace stalwart and another to an upstart -- also marked new realities…

    Los Angeles Times
  • Boeing, SpaceX Win Space Taxi Contracts

    This is the first time since the Space Shuttle was retired that NASA will have their own ride up to the ISS.  In a live press conference, NASA annouced the winners of a $6.8 billion in contracts to create a spaceship to shuttle humans to outer space — essentially space taxis. In the contract,…

    Business Insider
  • NASA Awards Boeing & SpaceX Big Contracts To Build ISS 'Space Taxis'

    NASA Awards Boeing & SpaceX Big Contracts To Build ISS 'Space Taxis'NASA has chosen SpaceX and the Boeing Corporation to build spacecraft to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station, the space agency announced in a press conference held today

    Huffington Post
  • For Some, Tourism Now Includes Surgery

    Dr. Richard Klein, section chief of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center at the UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health, contributed this article to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-ed & Insights. Traditionally, "medical tourists" were patients who travelled to Mexico or overseas for…
  • Did 'Deadly' Spider Eggs Really Hitch a Ride on Imported Bananas?

    Did 'Deadly' Spider Eggs Really Hitch a Ride on Imported Bananas? It's enough to make you do a double take the next time you unpack your groceries! A recent British news report claimed that imported bananas could play host to a certain species of venomous spiders. A woman in Essex, England,…