• Have UFO Hunters Just Spotted An Alien Ship Orbiting An Asteroid?

    A huge asteroid which sailed safely past Earth had an unusual hitchhiker - which internet conspiracy fans claim is clearly an alien spacecraft. The tiny, disc-like object was observed using a massive radar array, NASA’s Deep Space Network in Goldstone California. Tireless alien hunter Scott C…

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  • Urbanization leads to change in type of bacteria in the home

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Whether it's a jungle hut or a high-rise apartment, your home is covered in bacteria, and new research from the Amazon suggests city dwellers might want to open a window.

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  • China urges U.N. action to make North Korea 'pay price'

    By John Irish MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - China will back a U.N. Security Council resolution to make North Korea "pay the necessary price" for recent rocket launches, its foreign minister told Reuters on Friday, adding the goal was to get Pyongyang back to the negotiating table. Wang Yi also said…

  • Research Finds Harmful Algae Toxins in Alaska Marine Mammals

    A study led by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists says toxins from harmful ocean algae were detected at surprising levels in samples of more than 900 Alaska marine mammals

    ABC News
  • Black holes colliding remixed as Justin Bieber. Sorry, we had to.

    At long last, we're here to solve a problem mankind has had for about five hours how. After the world received proof that gravitational waves exist from the impact of two black holes colliding, scientists converted the signal from the impact into sound. Well, you're welcome, you no longer have to…

  • A New Way to Save the Bees: Have Them Deliver Natural Pesticides to Crops

    One of the most persistent and destructive problems in modern agriculture is its heavy reliance on pesticides. The United States alone uses about 1.1 billion pounds of these chemicals every year to protect flowering crops.
  • Venus, the Best and Brightest

    I usually don’t criticize my colleagues in public but I would like to draw attention to two articles in The Atlantic—one by Adrienne LaFrance ‘Jupiter Is the Best Planet’ and the other by Ross Andersen who claims that Saturn is the best planet in the solar system. Honestly? They can’t be serious.…

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  • Play

    Ocean research with a gentle touch

    Researchers are developing soft robotic tools for underwater research. The pressure-driven systems will allow marine biologists to examine delicate sea life without harming it. Ben Gruber reports.

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  • Despite rocky start, Philae comet probe has raked in science data

    Twelve years ago, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a spacecraft with a very precious cargo -- a robot laboratory designed to land on a comet and photograph, prod and sniff its surface. The 1.3-billion-euro ($1.5-billion) mission of robot lab Philae and its orbiting mothership, Rosetta, was…

  • Should Christians Meditate?

    What is Meditation?Meditation involves ways in which a person focuses their attention and stills the body. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, meditation is a mind and body practice that increases relaxation, improves coping with illnesses and overall…

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  • 3D printing hands on: Attempting to print a NASA wrench

    Scientists at NASA are working on using 3D printing on the International Space Station so unique parts can be built in space. We attempt to build a NASA design in our workshop. Lessons were learned.

  • Documents Show Volkswagen Resisted Takata Air Bag Recall

    Volkswagen resisted U.S. government efforts to recall more cars and trucks to fix potentially deadly Takata air bags, telling safety regulators that a recall isn't necessary, according to documents

    ABC News
  • First Click: Hyperloop or loopy hype?

    Elon Musk famously described Hyperloop as “a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun… and an air hockey table.” He first floated his idea for the high-speed ground transportation system in July 2012, and then again in May 2013 at the D11 conference. In August of 2013, Musk followed up his musings with…

    The Verge
  • Feds: Remove 3 California foxes from endangered species list

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal wildlife officials recommended Friday that three fox subspecies native to California's Channel Islands be removed from the endangered species, saying their populations have made an historic recovery.

    Associated Press
  • Factbox: Why the Zika virus is causing alarm

    (Reuters) - Global health officials have said that the Zika virus, which has been linked to severe birth defects in thousands of babies in Brazil, is rapidly spreading in the Americas and could infect up to 4 million people. The virus is transmitted to people through the bite of infected female…

  • The DLR space agency says its final farewell to the Philae lander

    The Philae lander’s cosmic legacy officially comes to a close this week as the German space agency DLR announced it would cease communication with the comet-riding probe. Though not entirely surprising — the agency feared last month it would soon come to this — the team at DLR did spend the better…

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  • Europe's comet-chasing Rosetta mission: timeline

    Paris (AFP) - A timeline of Europe's Rosetta mission, which marked the end of a chapter Friday when ground controllers said they would stop trying to contact robot lab Philae on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

  • Solving an Undersea Mystery With CT Scans

    Brittle stars, relatives of starfish, have tough exoskeletons and long, slender arms. Most of the 2,000 or so species use the standard, hands-off marine method of reproduction, spewing their eggs and sperm into the water and leaving it at that. But other brittle-star species have evolved a more…

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  • What to Do When Adele, Valentine's Day, or a New Love Make You Want to Go Back to an Ex

    Ever been triggered to go back to an ex? Here's the science behind those triggers (and tips for stopping yourself from doing so).

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