• Maybe This Is The Reason Neanderthals Went Extinct

    Why did the Neanderthals suddenly go extinct 40,000 years ago?We may never know for certain the answer to that provocative question. But a remarkable new study published this month suggests that our prehistoric rivals were done in not by epidemics or climate change -- as some have argued -- but…

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  • HBO Now Has 800,000 Paying Subscribers Since April Launch

    HBO Now has gained about 800,000 paying subscribers since it launched on Apple TV in April, contributing significantly to the 2.7 million net new customers to the service in the latest quarter

    ABC News
  • Asian scientists race to make Zika test kit, but lack of live sample a challenge

    By Aditya Kalra and Rujun Shen NEW DELHI/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Scientists in Asia are racing to put together detection kits for the Zika virus, with China on Thursday confirming its first case, but the researchers are challenged by the lack of a crucial element - a live sample of the virus. Zika,…

  • Your Brain May Work Differently in Winter Than Summer

    Researchers found that when people in the study did certain cognitive tasks, the ways that the brain utilizes its resources to complete those tasks changed with the seasons. Although people's actual performance on the cognitive tasks did not change with the seasons, "the brain activity for the…
  • Get paid to E*TRADE

    Sign up today and claim your reward.

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    Supermarkets of the Future

    ABC News' Tina Trinh explores the technology being introduced at supermarkets to make for speedier checkouts and smarter stores overall!

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  • Maths link to future locust dispersal

    A mathematical model of locust swarms could help in the development of new strategies to control their devastating migration, according to British researchers. Mathematicians at the universities of Bath, Warwick, and Manchester analyzed the movements of different group sizes of locusts that had…

  • Obama’s budget would kill costly plutonium disposition project

    But the administration’s second attempt faces familiar political opposition

    Center for Public Integrity
  • This chart shows how you'll probably die

    On March 5, an asteroid about 100 feet across will fly close to Earth. But don't worry, experts...

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  • Building the Family Tree of Humankind

    I am confident that each of you has been asking himself, at least once, questions on his genetic roots. Why do I look the way I do? Where did my gene pool originate? If you have, then you will be interested in the story I am about to tell you and in what I believe to be one of the most intriguing…

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  • Indian scientists express doubt over meteorite death attribution

    By Andrew MacAskill NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian scientists have expressed doubt that a man in the southern state of Tamil Nadu was the first person to have been confirmed killed by a meteorite strike, as the state's top official has declared. "It cannot be a meteorite," he said.

  • At-Home Full Genome-Sequencing Is Now Just A Spit Tube Away

    DNA sequencing startup Sure Genomics wants to help you learn about your entire genome at the click of a button. Today, the startup opened up an at-home service to the public, enabling consumers to get their full DNA sequence with a single saliva test.Some of the bigger companies in the personal…

  • A New Brain Implant Could Move Your Limbs With Nothing but Your Thoughts

    The quest to give patients with paralysis the ability to walk is on the verge of a breakthrough.

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    Sought After Feature Coming to Instagram

    The app's newest update now allows users to easily switch between up to 5 different accounts.

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  • Climate change will make westbound transatlantic flights longer: study

    Flights from Europe to North America will take slightly longer and nudge up airline fuel costs if climate change strengthens high altitude winds as widely expected, a study said on Wednesday. The headwind into a stronger jet stream should lengthen westbound flights by about five minutes, slightly…

  • Obama Seeks Cybersecurity Boost to Replace 'Ancient' Tech

    President Barack Obama warns that the federal government is relying on archaic computer systems to protect reams of critical data from cyberattacks, as he announces a new, centralized effort to boost cybersecurity

    ABC News
  • NASA Goes Social to Take Its Case Directly to the People

    NASA has been doing just that since the 1960s. Back then, to build excitement for missions to the moon and beyond, the space agency would send astronauts and astronauts-in-training on tours to towns all across America, giving stump speeches about the space program and its goals. One way it does so:…

    Jason Snell
  • New Dog IQ Test Could Provide Clues To Dementia

    Man's best friend could help unlock clues when it comes to human intelligence and even give us a better understanding of dementia, researchers believe. A new study says that we might be able to measure canine intelligence with an IQ test similar to the ones for humans.Researchers at the London…

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