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  • Skeleton With ‘Alien’ Skull Discovered In Russia

    UFO watchers are in a tizz over the discovery of an ancient skeleton with an elongated skull that resembles an ALIEN. The humanoid skeleton was unearthed from a site known as Russia’s Stonehenge and it is being heralded as proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago. Researcher Maria…

  • Man Catches 300-Pound Fish, Proves Florida Is A Fisherman's Dream

    Sam Gerson had no idea what he was in for when he woke up hours before dawn Monday to head to Cape Canaveral, Florida for a day out on a fishing charter. The group boarded the boat and headed out to open sea, passing the Kennedy Space Center on the way. After a morning watching his friends catch…

    Huffington Post
  • Ancient Huts May Reveal Clues to Earth's Magnetic Pole Reversals

    The fiery demise of ancient huts in southern Africa 1,000 years ago left clues to understanding a bizarre weak spot in the Earth's magnetic field — and the role it plays in the magnetic poles' periodic reversals. Patches of ground where huts were burned down in southern Africa contain a key mineral…
  • Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House

    The remains of 97 human bodies have been found stuffed into a small 5,000-year-old house in a prehistoric village in northeast China, researchers report in two separate studies.
  • Standard Brewing Unleashes New Patio Space

    The Central District's Standard Brewing (just named to Eater's list of Seattle's best breweries) has built out an expanded patio space as part of a larger renovation and growth process. The original patio was carved out of a small space near the brewery's entrance, but the revamped space now takes…

    Eater Seattle
  • Robert Noyce Drove Intel To Dominate The Tech World

    Robert Noyce's prank with a pig almost prevented him from co-founding microchip giant Intel (INTC). In his junior year at Grinnell College in Iowa in 1948, he stole the mayor's pig to roast at a luau. ...

    Investor's Business Daily
  • Germany culls 10,000 hens after confirmed bird flu case

    German authorities have slaughtered around 10,000 hens after a case of bird flu was confirmed at a poultry farm in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony, the state's agriculture ministry said on Monday. Germany's animal health body, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, confirmed the case as high…

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    Android Phones at Risk From Text Hack

    A flaw allows hackers to gain control of Android smartphones with just a text.

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  • Stephen Hawking on Reddit: Ask Him a Question on Artificial Intelligence

    For the next nine days, Stephen Hawking will be taking the Internet's queries about all things related to artificial intelligence (AI). Hawking is answering questions via Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) series — a question-and-answer session that other popular scientists, such as Neil deGrasse…
  • Calf and Forearm Openers for AcroYoga, Climbing + More

    By Yoga JournalNASA rocket scientist/yoga teacher Scott Lewicki balances a highly technical day job with creativity on the mat. Use this innovative sequence to find new space in the often forgotten muscles of the calves and forearms.Yoga, a complex ancient system of knowledge continually expanded…

    Huffington Post
  • How to watch tonight's meteor shower created by a very mysterious comet

    There's a very strange comet flying through our solar neighborhood that unlike any other comet...

    Business Insider
  • One Tough Bite: T. Rex's Teeth Had Secret Weapon

    Secret structures hidden within the serrated teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex and other theropods helped the fearsome dinosaurs tear apart their prey without chipping their pearly whites, a new study finds. Researchers looked at the teeth of theropods — a group of bipedal, largely carnivorous dinosaurs…
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    Apple Places Some Popular Apps On Sale

    The technology company is giving loyal fans a chance to grab some great apps at a reduced price.

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  • Case of low-risk H7N7 bird flu found at German poultry farm

    A case of the low-risk bird flu strain H7N7 has been found on a poultry farm in Emsland in north Germany, the state of Lower Saxony said on Monday. The 10,000 egg-laying hens on the farm have been culled, the state's agriculture ministry said in a statement. The H7N7 bird flu strain was also…

  • DAY 2663

    A simple man, of childlike demeanour, practical, caring and endearing to all .. my only achievement of contact with him - a telephone conversation just before he was announced to be the next President of India !! India is grieved ..  In such moments of grief it becomes difficult to indulge in what…

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  • Interview with Stephen Wolfram on AI and the future

    Few people in the tech world can truly be said to “need no introduction.” Stephen Wolfram is certainly one of them. But while he may not need one, the breadth and magnitude of his accomplishments over ...

  • What's Causing Florida's Leprosy Cases?

    Leprosy is often thought to be an ancient disease, but leprosy-causing bacteria continue to infect people in the southern United States, including in Florida, where nine people have been diagnosed with the disease so far this year. "Keep your distance from armadillos," said Dr. William Schaffner,…