• Scientists Experiment With Reworking Memory in Mice

    In experiments on mice, scientists rewired the circuits of the brain and changed the animals' bad memories into good ones.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • IBM launches Watson system for research, hopes for breakthroughs

    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp on Wednesday launched a computer system that can quickly identify patterns in massive amounts of data, an ability that IBM said should hasten breakthroughs in science and medical research. The computer system, Watson…

  • Wolves yawn contagiously, too, study finds

    Contagious yawning is a behavior shared by chimpanzees, baboons, dogs and humans, and researchers said Wednesday that wolves can do it too, suggesting that empathy among animals is a common trait. The research in the journal PLOS ONE focused on a pack of 12 captive wolves at the Tama Zoological…

  • Tricking memory in lab animals stokes hope for PTSD

    By Sharon Begley NEW YORK (Reuters) - The frailty of remembrance might have an upside: When a memory is recalled, two research teams reported on Wednesday, it can be erased or rewired so that a painful recollection is physically linked in the brain to joy and a once-happy memory to pain. "Recalling…

  • Senegalese WHO doctor with Ebola arrives for treatment in Germany

    A Senegalese doctor who contracted Ebola while working for the World Health Organisation (WHO)in Sierra Leone arrived in Hamburg on Wednesday for treatment at a tropical medicine unit, becoming Germany's first patient with the disease. At a news conference on Wednesday the clinic's tropical…

  • For MS Patients, Wii Game Strengthens Brain

    Researchers in Italy found that men and women with mild-to-moderate MS symptoms who exercised at home for 12 weeks with a Nintendo Wii balance board system showed more positive-changes in areas of the brain responsible for balance and movement than people with MS who received no balance training.…
  • No Dietary Supplement Treats Concussions, FDA Warns

    Consumers should beware of dietary supplements that claim to treat a concussion, the U.S. "Exploiting the public's rising concern about concussions, some companies are offering untested, unproven and possibly dangerous products that claim to prevent, treat or cure concussions and other traumatic…
  • Too Cloudy? Change the Weather with New Photo-Editing Tech

    Normally, photographers would need to invest in expensive software, such as Adobe Photoshop, in order to make these types of changes to a photograph, said James Hays, an assistant professor of computer science at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, who developed the new algorithm. For…
  • StartX And QB3 Open A Biotech Lab In Palo Alto

    StartX, the nonprofit accelerator program spun out of Stanford University, is opening a biotech laboratory in conjunction with QB3, the institute focused on molecular biology research at the University of California. The StartX-QB3 Labs consist of a 2,000-foot lab space connected to the rest of the…

  • High school students can now design and run experiments on satellites

    Ardusat revealed its educational platform today, which provides tools for teachers to integrate Ardusat's small satellites into their curriculum.

  • Internet Video Archive
  • Six Steps to Building Entrepreneurial Resilience

    As business owners, our own lives are often indistinguishable from our business. We put so much effort in getting them launched and keeping them going that the business often is an extension of ourselves. And for many entrepreneurs, that whole-hearted effort doesn’t change even as our businesses…

    Business 2 Community
  • SpaceX delays launch after test rocket explosion

    Space Exploration Technologies will delay the launch of its next Falcon 9 rocket by up to two weeks following Friday's explosion of a related prototype vehicle during a flight test, officials said on Tuesday. The privately owned company, also known as SpaceX, had planned to launch a communications…

  • Group files petition to idle coastal nuke plant

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — An environmental group asked federal regulators Tuesday to idle California's last operating nuclear plant to review whether its reactors can withstand strong shaking from nearby earthquake faults.

    Associated Press
  • Could Drones Be Coming to Disney World?

    Future visitors to Walt Disney World may come for the rides but stay for the drone show. Last week, Disney filed for three drone-related patents, envisioning flying robots that could animate giant puppets, carry projection screens and even act as floating pixels, or "flixels," in virtual fireworks…
  • Agribusiness ETFs Wither as Farmers Tighten Belts

    The agribusiness industry and related exchange traded funds could continue to fall behind the broader market as U.S. farmers face a significant drop in income after a bumper crop year sent grain prices ...

    ETF Trends
  • Researchers are cracking text analysis one dataset at a time

    A handful of new research projects from Google, IBM and the Allen Institute for AI highlight the ongoing quest to build computer systems capable of analyzing written language based on understanding concepts ...

  • U.S. says non-allergic peanut moves closer to commercial reality

    By Ros Krasny WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new method for removing allergens from peanuts means help could soon be on the way for the roughly 2.8 million Americans with a potentially life-threatening allergy to the popular food, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Tuesday. In a blog post, the…