• Are Scientists Deaf to Sonic Blasting's Harm to Dolphins and Whales?

    The Atlantic Ocean off the United States’ East Coast may soon become an extremely noisy place, with now a third proposal to map the seabed with high-decibel sonic blasts that can hurt dolphins, whales and other marine life. The latest study, proposed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS),…
  • U.S. lawmakers expand probe of federal biolab mishaps

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers on Monday said they were expanding their investigation of federal biosecurity lapses including problems at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that led to the mishandling of anthrax and bird flu pathogens. Republicans from the House Energy and…

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  • Australia's overseas architects honored with 2014 International Architecture Awards

    The Australian Institute of Architects' International Area Committee has announced the winners of the 2014 International Architecture Awards, celebrating the work of Australian architects abroad.

    AFP Relax News
  • At Malaysia Airlines Crash Site, Parents Seek Answers

    The chaos that followed the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has added to the worry that families will never learn exactly what happened.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Struck At Just The Wrong Time, New Study Suggests

    Just before a large asteroid slammed into the Earth 66 million years ago, the diversity of plant-eating dinosaur species declined slightly, a new study suggests. That minor shift may have been enough to doom all dinosaurs when the space rock hit.The scarcity of plant-eaters would have left them…

    Huffington Post
  • Enjoy the Show: Learn More After 'Sharknado 2'

    People-eating sharks whipped up in a tornado, Manhattan as an ice-capped frozen wasteland, and solar flares that rapidly increase the temperature of the Earth's core resulting in cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and biblical-scale flooding. Over-the-top? Yes. Based on science? Loosely,…

    Huffington Post
  • Long-Lost Anchor May Soon Give up Its Secrets

    After decades, possibly centuries, at the bottom of the sea — and a 2,200-mile-long (3,540 kilometers) road trip wrapped in damp blankets in the back of a pickup truck — a barnacle-crusted anchor arrived in Texas this week for a major cleaning. In 2008, a fisherman named Doug Monk was collecting…
  • 'Whistling' Volcanic Lightning Heard Halfway Around the World

    With the right tuning, radios can eavesdrop on this sizzling symphony of crackles, pops and whistles — the melody of millions of lightning bolts. A listener in New Zealand can even hear a volcano in Alaska erupt, a new study reports.
  • 2014 - Best Way to Cut Your Auto Insurance Bill!

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  • 'Family That Walks on All Fours' Not Evolutionary Throwbacks

    When Turkish evolutionary biologist Uner Tan introduced the world to a Turkish family with some members who could walk only on all fours, in a "bear crawl," he and other scientists speculated this odd gait was the resurgence of a trait lost during human evolution. The family and other people with…
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    Mobile app helps small farmers turn a profit

    A mobile app is helping farmers in Ghana increase crop yields and connect with industry players through an online communications medium that is easily accessible and cost-effective. 'mFarms' is an internet based platform that links all actors in the agricultural industry giving farmers access to…

    Reuters Videos
  • Alien Planet Pollution May Aid Search For Extraterrestrial Life

    In the search for life beyond Earth, astronomers should look for signs of pollution in the atmospheres of alien planets outside the Earth's solar system, a new study says. The next-generation James Webb Space Telescope, which is set to launch in 2018, could hunt for worlds harboring alien life by…

    Huffington Post56 mins ago
  • Kids with Pets More Likely to Avoid Meat

    Those children who have formed attachments to their pets may develop empathy toward other animals, too, which can result in greater avoidance of eating meat, the researchers suggested. "Once an individual feels empathy toward animals, it makes it harder to eat animals," study author Hank…
  • AP PHOTOS: Coal-exporting town fights rising seas

    NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Norfolk is trapped between the causes and consequences of global warming.

    Associated Press
  • How All-Nighters Alter Your Memories

    Memory is not an exact recording of past events, said Steven Frenda, a psychology Ph.D. student at the University of California, Irvine, who was involved in the study. The new findings "have implications for people's everyday lives —recalling information for an exam, or in work contexts, but also…
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  • Educated Women No Longer at Increased Risk of Divorce

    Women who are more educated than their husbands used to have a higher chance of divorce, but a new study found that this trend stopped in the 1990s. A team of researchers examined statistics on heterosexual marriages in the United States from 1950 through 2009, and found changes over the decades in…
  • 17 Things Successful People Never Say

    Over 2,500 years ago, philosopher and...

    Business Insider
  • Don't Miss These Minor Meteor Showers This Summer

    Each summer, amateur astronomers from all over the world look forward to observing the famous Perseid meteor shower, but often overlook six lesser celestial fireworks displays that reach their peak between July 28 and Aug. 20.  This year, a bright nearly-full moon will seriously interfere with…
  • Geneticists offer clues to better rice, tomato crops

    Scientists on Sunday laid bare the genetic codes of African rice and a type of wild tomato, data they said should help breed more resilient crops. Teams detailed the genome sequences of the two plant species in separate papers in the journal Nature Genetics. "As the world population is projected to…

  • Richard III's makeshift grave opens to public

    The grave of King Richard III, immortalised by Shakespeare as one of history's great villains, was opened up to the public on Saturday in central England. The remains of the infamous ruler were found in 2012 under a car park in the city of Leicester. Around a hundred visitors were on hand to watch…

  • Buzz Aldrin urges NASA to build a 'permanent' base on Mars

    Esteemed astronaut and punch-thrower Buzz Aldrin wants NASA to build a "permanent Mars base" by 2031. Aldrin went as far as to say that the base needs to be "the most important goal of the U.S. space program" during a Facebook Q&A as part of NewSpace 2014. "In 2009, my submission to the Augustine…

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