• Solar Eclipse Will Transform Sun into 'Ring of Fire' Next Week

    The sun will look like a ring of fire above some remote parts of the world next Tuesday (April 29) during a solar eclipse, but most people around the world won't get a chance to see it. Half the world saw a lunar eclipse during the full moon on April 15. When a lunar eclipse occurs, it usually…
  • IndyCar: James Hinchcliffe, Josef Newgarden are happy Space Campers (VIDEO)

    The two IndyCar pilots have a blast at U.S. Space Camp before getting down to business this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park (Sun., 2:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN/NBC Sports Live Extra).

    NBC Sports
  • Phones With Built In MSFT Office Boost Output

    Get your company a formidable business smartphone with built-in Microsoft Office and enterprise-level security to give you peace of mind.

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  • EU should halve meat, dairy consumption to cut nitrogen-report

    By Nina Chestney LONDON (Reuters) - People in the European Union, who according to a United Nations body eat way more protein than necessary, could prompt big cuts in nitrogen pollution if they halved their meat and dairy consumption, a U.N.-backed report said on Friday. Nitrogen is used in…

  • Brazil investigates possible mad cow case

    Brazil is investigating a potential case of atypical mad cow disease, the agriculture ministry said on Thursday, just over a year after several countries banned Brazilian beef imports when a similar case of the disease was confirmed. Laboratory tests are under way and atypical bovine spongiform…

  • Archaeologists, tribe clash over Native remains

    Archaeologists and Native Americans are clashing over Indian remains and artifacts that were excavated during a construction project in the San Francisco Bay Area and then reburied at an undisclosed location, ...

    Associated Press
  • Vermont lawmakers send GMO food-labeling law to governor

    A law that would make Vermont the first U.S. state to enact mandatory labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, received final approval from state lawmakers on Wednesday and now heads to the governor's desk. The Vermont House of Representative passed the bill 114-30. Last…

  • Amped-up ear implant helps to re-grow auditory nerves

    Cochlear implants already help those with auditory damage to hear better, but what if they could also grow new nerves while they're there? Scientists at the UNSW have discovered a way to do just that, at least in hamsters. After they introduced a gene therapy solution, a modified cochlear implant…

  • Gates-backed TB drug to enter late-stage testing

    By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - The first experimental drug that fights both conventional and drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis is advancing to late-stage clinical testing, researchers said on Wednesday, raising hope for a new way to stem the growing threat of drug-resistant TB. The…

  • Explore HKNB: Heidi Klum for New Balance

    Sport + Fashion. Fresh florals and iridescent accents. This season's Heidi Klum for New Balance collection takes you from the street to the studio.

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  • Hubble Space Telescope Instruments Star in New Smithsonian Exhibit

    Almost a quarter of a century after the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit, two of the observatory's most famous instruments have landed in a new exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. The display, which is positioned under the full-size structural dynamic test…
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    How Does Powdered Alcohol Work? - Discovery News

    A new product, called Palcohol, allows people to get drunk off powdered alcohol. How can you make alcohol into a powdered form, and is it safe to consume? Laci discusses the history of powdered alcohol, how it works, and when you might see this product in a liquor store near you.

  • Eye of the Tiger: U.S. Army Eyes Night Vision Contact Lenses

    Forget heavy night vision goggles. Scientists are developing a better, lighter way for soldiers to see in the dark.

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    Scientists locate 19th century steamship in San Francisco Bay

    Scientists have discovered a 19th century steamship that sank near the Golden Gate Bridge.

    KFSN – Fresno
  • 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Doubts Raised About Ancient Text

    Now, new information uncovered by Live Science raises doubts about the origins of the scrap of papyrus. The gospel, written in the ancient Egyptian language Coptic, has made headlines ever since Harvard University professor Karen King announced its discovery. The business-card-size fragment…
  • Plan for Big Data Like It's 2000

    Whenever Guest Columnist Thomas H. Davenport asks successful Big Data users if they start developing their Big Data strategy "with the data they have on hand, or the business needs that they have," ...

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Gold Delta Skymiles Card

    30,000 bonus miles offer with the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.

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  • Spectrum Pharma to seek cancer drug approval in third quarter

    Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc said it expects to seek U.S. marketing approval for its blood cancer drug in the third quarter, after the treatment was shown to be safe and effective in a key mid-stage trial. The injectable drug, Captisol-enabled melphalan, an improved form of common chemotherapy drug…

  • Ship that sank in 1888 found near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

    By Laila Kearney SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The wreckage of a passenger steamship that sank in the 19th century after a collision in the San Francisco Bay has been found near the Golden Gate Bridge, officials said on Wednesday. The steamship City of Chester was discovered by researchers using sonar…

  • Amyris Is Giving the "Hippie Perfume Molecule" a Synthetic Biology Makeover

    For the first time in history, patchouli oil will be produced by yeast instead of a plant. Can Amyris cash in on the opportunity?

    Motley Fool
  • Videos of Live Embryos, Cancer Cell Win 'Small World' Awards

    A scientist who made a stunning time-lapse video of a growing quail embryo took home top honors in Nikon's 2013 Small World in Motion Competition, a contest that treats photomicrographs — pictures often used by scientists — as objects of art. Using a technique known as optical tomography, Gabriel…
  • Nano Webs Could Counterfeit-Proof Credit Cards

    South Korean researchers have developed tiny tags made of silver nanowires that are randomly scattered, then form a unique pattern — just like the one-of-a-kind designs in each spider web. The research is "an important and inspiring idea to use nanotechnology for anti-counterfeiting," said Zhao Qin…
  • Drought worsens in Western US

    Drought spread and/or intensified this week in seven western and central states.

  • The New Sedan that Stands Out from the Crowd

    Incredible driving with incredible fuel efficiency is now a reality. New 2014 Models have just arrived! Search online for dealer inventory.

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