• Sombre Christmas, gatherings banned in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

    By Emma Farge FREETOWN (Reuters) - Sierra Leoneans observed a sombre Christmas in their homes on Thursday, after the government banned traditionally boisterous holiday celebrations to prevent the spread of deadly Ebola in the worst-hit country. Small groups of Christians in formal attire were…

  • Biz Break: Biotech IPOs surge in Silicon Valley, nationwide

    Today: Biotechnology companies enjoy their best year on the IPO market since the dot-com boom.

    San Jose Mercury News
  • Year in Curbed: What Was the Best New Building Project of 2014?

    Welcome to Year in Curbed, wherein we close out 2014 by asking local design, real estate, and media luminaries to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of a year's worth of development in San Francisco. The answers are in no...

    Curbed San Francisco
  • SPONSORED POST: A Q&A with Architect Michael Chen

    Inspired by BP Gasoline with Invigorate®, The Next Mile explores the stories of trends, products and people who go a little farther than the norm. The series is a collaboration between BP Fuels and Vox Creative. We recently sat down...

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  • Smartphone Use Reveals Brain's Plasticity

    "Smartphones offer us an opportunity to understand how normal life shapes the brains of ordinary people," said study co-author Arko Ghosh, a neuroscientist at University of Zurich in Switzerland. The body's entire surface is mapped out in a part of the brain called the somatosensory cortex, which…
  • Artificial Skin Can Feel Pressure and Heat

    An “electronic skin” can detect heat and pressure like human skin

  • Your High-Tech Holiday Gadget Guide for Christmas Morning

    Phones, fitness bands and streaming video devices were all top tech Christmas gifts this holiday season. Here's what to do to get the most out of your devices.

    ABC News
  • Complex jobs might help maintain brain fitness in aging

    By Janice Neumann (Reuters) - Regardless of IQ, people who work at complex jobs have a slightly higher chance of being better thinkers as they age, a recent study suggests. “When we look at the association between complexity of work with people or data, we see that those in more complex jobs…

  • Dissecting a Supernova: A Star Explosion Post-mortem (Videos)

    In February 1987, astronomers saw a new point of light appear in the sky: a supernova explosion, roughly 150,000 light-years from Earth. Since then, scientists have studied the corpse of Supernova 1987A extensively, including visualizing the supernova's dissection in a new video. "It's like doing a…
  • Book Talk: Patricia Cornwell on writing about darkness, loss

    By Nicholas P. Brown NEW YORK (Reuters) - In the crime fiction realm, author Patricia Cornwell’s fame may be surpassed only by her brainchild and longtime heroine, forensics expert Kay Scarpetta. In “Flesh and Blood,” Cornwell’s 22nd Scarpetta novel since the series began in 1990, Scarpetta tracks…

  • CDC Monitoring Tech For Possible Ebola Exposure In Atlanta Lab

    ATLANTA (AP) — A laboratory technician at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was being monitored Wednesday for possible accidental exposure to the Ebola virus that came during an experiment, officials said.The person working in a secure laboratory in Atlanta may have come into contact…

    Huffington Post
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    iPhone 6 Voted Most Popular Gadget of 2014

    iPhone 6 takes the title of most popular gadget of the year.

    ABC News Videos
  • Astronauts Deck the Zero-G Halls for Space Station Christmas

    Astronauts in space have decked the halls of the International Space Station in honor of the holiday season. The international crewmembers on the station have hung stockings, pulled out the orbiting outpost's Christmas tree, and they generally seem to be getting into the Christmas spirit before the…
  • Seismic Waves Show Which Sport's Fans Rock Hardest

    Football, NASCAR and their rowdy, roaring crowds faced off in a head-to-head battle this year to see which sport hits highest on the seismic charts, scientists reported Dec. 18 at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting in San Francisco. Seattle Seahawks football fans have stomped their way…
  • Hawaii lava stalls just short of shopping center

    HONOLULU (AP) — Call it a holiday gift from Pele.

    Associated Press
  • Greenland's Ice Loss Now Comes from Surface

    Greenland's disappearing ice shifted gears in the past decade, switching from shrinking glaciers to surface melting, researchers reported here last week at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting. Instead of losing ice where massive glaciers meet the sea, Greenland now sends meltwater…
  • Sierra Leone district declares three-day Ebola lockdown

    FREETOWN (Reuters) - Sierra Leone's northern district of Port Loko, the area with the highest rate of Ebola transmission, plans a three-day lockdown over Christmas as it seeks to contain the disease's spread. Sierra Leone is the worst-hit country in West Africa with over 9,000 cases. The rate of…