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  • Think Design Think

    Fields from science to politics to business are looking to design for inspiration, alternative processes, and new solutions. Design negotiates between technology, policy, systems and users. A structured design approach can heighten the hit-rate in the fuzzy front end of innovation processes in…

    Huffington Post
  • Chimps in New York animal rights lawsuit to be retired from lab

    By Katie Reilly NEW YORK (Reuters) - The chimpanzees at the center of a New York State Supreme Court case over the legal rights of animals will no longer be used for research, officials at the State University of New York at Stony Brook said on Friday. The retirement of the chimps, named Hercules…

  • The Life Aquatic: Miami Science Barge Coming to Museum Park Next Year

    The Miami Science Barge, which when completed will be exactly what it sounds like, officially has a home: Museum Park, or mores specifically, in the water right next to Museum Park. In a lovely turn of events, this puts...

    Curbed Miami
  • Japan's Suntory to conduct important space whisky research

    We have a strong whisky bias, so when Suntory revealed that it would be sending products into orbit, we had to know more. The company will fire six samples of its beverages to the International Space Station ...

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    Bionic Eye Restores Woman's Vision

    Carmen Torres is the first to receive the life-changing implant in Florida .

    ABC News Videos54 mins ago
  • Doing Good Tech Versus Doing Good With Tech

    The FDA is currently considering clinical trials for a drug that would delay aging. The idea of extending human longevity is a controversial one, with some arguing for immortality and others arguing that a lifespan into the mid-70s is perfectly adequate.So is the drug good or bad? As an investor in…

  • Deadly Fungus Could Threaten US Salamanders

    Each year, thousands of live salamanders arrive in shipments on U.S. shores, a trade that must stop immediately, scientists say. According to new research, a ban on salamander imports is crucial to stopping the spread of a deadly fungus that kills almost every salamander it infects.…
  • Zoom In on NYC in United Nations' 'My Planet from Space' (Video)

    This gorgeous satellite view of the busy Big Apple as seen from orbit offers a glimpse into the new "My Planet from Space" exhibit currently on view at the United Nations. The video shows a satellite photo of New York City, pointing out the metropolis' boroughs before focusing in on the United…
  • There's a giant underground ocean hidden in the middle of this Chinese desert

    When we think about the deserts of the world, water abundance is one of the last things that come...

    Business Insider
  • WHO's Chan says initial results from Ebola vaccine trial 'promising'

    GENEVA (Reuters) - Initial results from an Ebola vaccine trial in Guinea are "exciting" and "promising" and suggest the shot could help bring an end to West Africa's epidemic, World Health Organization director general Margaret Chan said on Friday. "If proven effective, this is going to be a game…

  • Google's AU$1m grant to help introduce 10,000 students to STEM careers

    Google is teaming up with three not-for-profit organisations to help train and raise the STEM capabilities of underrepresented groups, including women, low socio-economic groups, and Indigenous Australians.

  • Biogen: Positive 2Q15 Results for Multiple Sclerosis Pipeline Drugs

    In 2Q15, Biogen (BIIB) posted mixed results for its pipeline drugs. Investor sentiment remained favorable for its innovative multiple sclerosis (or MS) drugs.

    Market Realist
  • Court dismisses lawsuit seeking personhood for 2 NY chimps

    NEW YORK (AP) — Two chimpanzees will not be freed from a New York state university where they're used in locomotion studies after a court decision Thursday dismissed a lawsuit that had sought to afford them legal personhood rights.

    Associated Press
  • World's best whisky is being sent to age in space

    A Japanese distillery is sending some of its world-renowned whisky into outer space. Tokyo-based Suntory, a brewing and distillery company, announced today that it will send six samples of its whiskies and other alcohols to the International Space Station (ISS) next month, in order to observe the…

    The Verge
  • US lawmakers question NASA, Air Force on blast probe led by SpaceX

    Fourteen U.S. lawmakers on Thursday told the Air Force and NASA they had "serious concerns" about the fact that SpaceX is leading an investigation into the June 28 explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket, and whether it would receive enough oversight. Republican Representatives Mike Coffman from Colorado…

  • Cecil the Lion: Do Paid Hunting Permits Help Save Wildlife?

    An American dentist who shot a famous 13-year-old lion, named Cecil, in Zimbabwe spent about $54,000 in permits to kill the top carnivore, according to news sources. Money from sports-hunting permits can fund protected parks that shelter wildlife and engage local communities in animal management,…
  • Why Challenges Excite Me

    As any one of us sits in the middle of a challenge, the first thing that comes to mind is never a big "Thank you" to the universe, usually, it's more like "What the heck?", "Why me?", or the deep desire for us to just get through it already. In the same way, I now understand why life is set up in a…

    Huffington Post
  • Researcher says can hack GM's OnStar app, open vehicle, start engine

    By Jim Finkle and Bernie Woodall BOSTON/DETROIT (Reuters) - A researcher is advising drivers not to use a mobile app for General Motors Co's OnStar vehicle communications system, saying hackers can exploit a security flaw in the product to unlock cars and start engines remotely. "White-hat" hacker…