• Did Neanderthals Die Off Because They Couldn't Harness Fire?

    Neanderthals may have died off because they failed to harness the power of fire to the extent their human cousins did, a new data analysis suggests. Over time, the anatomically modern human population would have risen, while the Neanderthal population plummeted toward extinction, according to the…
  • NASA: Death Star May Have Shredded Planet After Close Encounter

    Astronomers have uncovered evidence that a white dwarf may have gone into death star mode on the edge of the Milky Way, shredding a planet after a close encounter.

    ABC News
  • Type, frequency of e-cigarette use linked to quitting smoking

    By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Two new studies looking at whether electronic cigarettes help smokers to quit their deadly habit have found that while some of them can, it depends on the type and how often it is used. Many experts think e-cigarettes, which heat nicotine-laced liquid into an…

  • NYT's Kristof on deworming, giant rats and talking to your kids

    New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has traveled the world highlighting issues of global poverty, social injustice, human trafficking and monster rats. Today, he returned to his native Oregon — “God’s country,” as he called it — to deliver the fifth annual Kathryn Robertson Memorial Lecture…

    American City Business Journals
  • Interview With Futurist Jason Silva, Host of Brain Games

    I discovered Jason Silva through my teenage daughters. They don't watch too much television, so when I would hear them getting excited each week to watch the new episode of a show called Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel, I became intrigued. As I watched the show, I started to…

    Huffington Post
  • Strapping Space Sales: Astronauts' Moon Backpack Straps Up for Auction

    The two straps, one from the collection of Alan Bean, the fourth man to walk on the moon, and the other from Edgar Mitchell, the sixth moonwalker, are being offered for sale by Bonhams in New York City on Tuesday (April 21) and RR Auction of Boston on Thursday (April 23). "This was a critical…
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    See Inside the Tiny House That Started The Small Space Trend

    Tracy Metro visits the tiny house that started the small-space trend.

    Scripps Ulive
  • How are Tweezer patterns interpreted by analysts and traders?

    Understand the basics of the tweezer candlestick pattern and how analysts and traders interpret this common but unreliable reversal signal.

  • This Year, Earth Day Is All About the Oceans

    Quite bluntly, the world’s oceans are at a tipping point. Acidification due to climate change is destroying coral reefs, crucial habitat for marine life on which hundreds of millions of people depend for food and their livelihoods. Enormous trawler ships are wiping out the largest fish, while…
  • How Birding Can Help Conservation Efforts

    Folks, I've been working with the folks from Cornell's bird lab for some time now. They do great work, and also help me identify all the birds that visit my home office.Next month they're launching the Global Big Day. For the past 30 years, the Cornell Lab's biggest conservation fundraiser of the…

    Huffington Post
  • Behind the List: What exactly qualifies as a biotech company?

    What exactly do we mean when we talk about biotechnology companies? Four have headquarters in other countries.

    American City Business Journals
  • Substandard drugs, not fakes, undermine fight against malaria

    By Magdalena Mis LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Poor quality drugs, not fake medicines, are the real threat in fight against malaria, causing deaths and increasing the risk of drug resistance, researchers said on Monday. While previous reports have suggested that up to a third of malaria…

  • XPRIZE Contender Astrobotic Strives To Be FedEx To The Moon

    Editor’s Note: Tim Reyes is a freelance writer residing in Silicon Valley. With degrees in Physics, he has been an engineer for NASA supporting development of flight software of robotic spacecraft to the planet Mars. Astrobotic Technology, a leading Google Lunar XPRIZE competitor, is setting up to…

  • Getting Women Into Science-Filled Rooms

    This post is also authored by Lori Holt. Why would three senior professors at Carnegie Mellon University, with responsibilities for research labs, teaching, families, and grand but old houses (this is Pittsburgh), take time to write an article on the distribution of authors by gender in a major…

    Huffington Post
  • 170-Year-Old Champagne Recovered from the Bottom of the Sea

    Every wine connoisseur knows the value of an aged wine, but few get the opportunity to sample 170-year-old Champagne from the bottom of the sea. A chemical analysis of the ancient libation has revealed a great deal about how this 19th-century wine was produced. "After 170 years of deep-sea aging in…
  • Chemists' Feat Hailed As Major Breakthrough

    In what's being called a win-win for the environment and the production of renewable energy, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, have achieved a major breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis. The scientists have created a system that…

    Huffington Post
  • New Roadkill Map Finds California 'Ring of Death'

    Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have plotted some 29,000 reports of roadkill to identify the most hazardous roadways for the state's wildlife. The volunteer reports, collected over the past five years, cover more than 40 percent of California's highways and roads. "Larger animals…
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    Monkeys in Space

    NASA launches the first mammals into space, but can they bring them back?

    Scripps Ulive
  • How to watch this week's dazzling meteor shower

    There's a meteor shower this week that...

    Business Insider
  • Dark matter is (probably) more complex than you think

    Scientists typically believe that dark matter, for all of its mystery, behaves in a simple way: if one clump encounters another, the two interact solely through gravity. However, researchers using both ...