• Why data science matters and how technology makes it possible

    When Hilary Mason talks about data, it’s a good idea to listen. She was chief data scientist at, data scientist in residence at venture capital firm Accel Partners, and is now founder and CEO of ...

  • Gates sees "miracle" tools for AIDS by 2030 in vaccine and drugs

    Two new tools to fight AIDS should be available by 2030 in the form of a vaccine and new intense drug treatments, ending most cases of a disease that has killed millions in the past 30 years, Bill Gates said. The Microsoft founder, whose philanthropic foundation has poured millions of dollars into…

  • Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys

    KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.

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  • Is the Personal Robot Finally Here?

    She's a personal assistant, photographer, butler and home security guard all in one — and she's a robot.
  • Venomous Cone Snails Weaponize Insulin to Stun Prey

    At least two species of cone snailhave turned insulin into an underwater weapon, a new study finds. When these stealthy aquatic snails approach their prey, they release insulin, a hormone that can cause blood sugar levels to plummet. The sudden influx of insulin can enter their gills and get into…
  • How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting a Fractal pattern?

    Read about some common and simple trading strategies to employ after spotting a fractal pattern, and learn which systems are best suited for fractal analysis.

  • CSI Lahore: U.S. forensics big shot comes home to help Pakistan

    By Katharine Houreld LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - As one of America's top forensic scientists, Mohammad Tahir uncovered evidence that helped jail boxer Mike Tyson for rape, convict serial killer John Wayne Gacy and clear doctor Sam Sheppard of murdering his wife. Then Tahir took on his toughest…

  • Navy wants to increase use of sonar-emitting buoys

    SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Navy is seeking permits to expand sonar and other training exercises off the Pacific Coast, a proposal raising concerns from animal advocates who say that more sonar-emitting buoys would harm whales and other creatures that live in the water.

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  • NASA craft set to beam home close-ups of Pluto

    Nine years after leaving Earth, the New Horizons spacecraft is at last drawing close to Pluto and on Sunday was expected to start shooting photographs of the dwarf planet. The first mission to Pluto began in January 2006 when an Atlas V rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida and hauled…

  • WATCH: Strange Way Jumbo Squid 'Talk' To Each Other

    Marine biologists have long known that giant Humboldt squid communicate by rapidly changing their body color in flashes of red and white. But what message do the flashes send? A new video brings scientists one step closer to answering that question.Researchers at Stanford University's Hopkins…

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  • Ancient Knife-Toothed Reptile Is Crocodile Cousin

    It's unclear where the reptile, Nundasuchus songeaensis, falls on the evolutionary tree, said Sterling Nesbitt, an assistant professor of geology at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The researchers announced their findings yesterday (Jan. 20) in a statement.
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    Student Was Drug User, Campus Police Drug Informant Before Death

    Part 2: Journalism major Eric Bosco looked into fellow student Logan's campus police records and text messages.

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  • Medical pot only OK for sick kids failed by other drugs: MDs

    CHICAGO (AP) — With virtually no hard proof that medical marijuana benefits sick children, and evidence that it may harm developing brains, the drug should only be used for severely ill kids who have no other treatment option, the nation's most influential pediatricians group says in a new policy.

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  • Mars Rover Opportunity Marks 11-Year Anniversary with Stunning Photo

    NASA's Opportunity rover celebrated 11 years on Mars Saturday (Jan. 24), and the robot's handlers are marking the occasion with a gorgeous panoramic photo that Opportunity took of its Red Planet home. Opportunity landed on Mars on the night of Jan. 24, 2004, a few weeks after its twin, Spirit, made…
  • Liberia Ebola vaccine trial "challenging" as cases tumble

    By Ben Hirschler DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - A steep fall in Ebola cases in Liberia will make it hard to prove whether experimental vaccines work in a major clinical trial about to start in the country, the head of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) said on Saturday. The NIH might have…

  • Google Maps Takes Landlubbers on a Visit to Old Ironsides

    Now, users can tour the USS Constitution using Google Maps' Street View. Google published the 360-degree virtual tour Tuesday (Jan. 20), using pictures taken in the fall of 2014. The ship, nicknamed Old Ironsides, launched in 1797 and was named by President George Washington himself. The USS…
  • 5 ways unmanned drones could affect the American food supply

    Herding cattle. Counting fish. Taking an animal's temperature. Applying pesticides. When it comes to drones, "your imagination can go pretty wild in terms of what would be possible," says Roger ...

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    Dad Finds Son Dead During College Parent's Weekend

    Part 1: Logan's mom Francesca was on the way to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst when she got the news.

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