• John Nash, wife, 'A Beautiful Mind' inspiration, die in NJ

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — John Forbes Nash Jr., a mathematical genius whose struggle with schizophrenia was chronicled in the 2001 movie "A Beautiful Mind," has died along with his wife in a car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. He was 86.

    Associated Press
  • Penguin film director gives climate warning in Cannes closer

    By Michael Roddy CANNES, France (Reuters) - The French director who charmed the world and won an Oscar with his 2005 documentary "March of the Penguins" will close the Cannes festival on a sombre note with a film about global warming that says not only the penguins should be worried. Luc Jacquet's…

  • Memorial Day Meals: Expert Tips for Packing a Healthy Picnic

    Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer and perhaps the unofficial start of the outdoor eating season. Picnics are appealing, especially to people in colder climates who don't get many chances to eat outside in nice weather and enjoy a slow, relaxing meal, and they could also…
  • Intelligence Agency: opening up to a changing world

    By Andrea Shalal SPRINGFIELD, Va. (Reuters) - Much about the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency remains classified, but the U.S. spy agency that maps and analyzes the earth is opening up more than ever, from sharing computer source code on a public website to tapping new sources of…

  • Choppy slick is harder to clean up; more oily animals found

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A 10-square-mile oil slick off the coast of California is thinner than a coat of paint and it's becoming harder to skim from choppy waters, officials said Friday as more dead animals were discovered on the Santa Barbara coast.

    Associated Press
  • This is what an astronaut sees during an aborted spaceflight

    Yesterday, SpaceX released footage of a May 6th pad abort test for its Crew Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX was testing the process of ejecting crew members from the spacecraft if anything were to go wrong during takeoff. Following the launch, SpaceX said the test was a success.

    The Verge
  • Human gene sequencing gets an official yardstick

    Gene sequencing, once a rare feat, is pretty common these days... but how do you know that your DNA data is up to snuff? As of now, there's an easy way to find out. The National Institute of Standards ...

  • What Happens in Your Brain and Body When You Witness Human Kindness

    They observed increased activity in both systems when the participants viewed the moral-elevation videos, but the funny clip didn’t activate either nervous system.

    Yahoo Health
  • John Nash: A life of great struggle and even greater success

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Born to an electrical engineer, and later a precocious and dashing young man who attained an Ivy League education, John Nash seemed destined for a life of stunning success. That he achieved, winning a Nobel Prize in 1994, but not without a struggle with mental illness that…

    Associated Press
  • See Jupiter and the Moon in Night Sky Spectacle Tonight

    There, about half way up from the south-southwest horizon to the overhead point, you’ll see an eye-catching sight for the Memorial Day weekend: Jupiter and the moon in a celestial display. Tonight, a rather wide crescent moon, 34-percent illuminated will be visible against the darkening sky and…
  • German grandmother gives birth to quadruplets at age 65

    A 65-year-old German grandmother gave birth to quadruplets at a Berlin hospital this week, with the three boys and a girl born prematurely at 26 weeks being in good health and having a good chance of survival, German TV network RTL reported on Saturday. The network, which had covered the pregnancy,…

  • Miami holdout shrugs off $2M for a principle based on a hunch

    Ishmael Bermudez has been excavating his downtown yard for 50 years. He believes that the natural spring he found there -- he calls it the 'Well of Ancient Mysteries' -- must be preserved for the ages.

  • Record-Breaking Energy Unleashed in Largest Atom Smasher

    The world's largest atom smasher is really cranking now: Protons zipped around the giant underground ring at near light-speed and collided head on, releasing record-breaking energies. The beauty of the fallout from these powerful particle smash-ups can be seen in images released yesterday (May 21)…
  • Hawaii groups plant coconut trees, protest against Monsanto

    HONOLULU (AP) — Demonstrators spent Saturday planting coconut trees and waving signs in rallies across the Hawaiian Islands as part of an international day of protests against agriculture business Monsanto.

    Associated Press
  • Pentagon plans long-range missile defense radar in Alaska

    By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Defense Department on Friday announced plans to deploy a new long-range radar in central Alaska that would help the U.S. missile defense system better discern potential enemy missiles launched by Iran or North Korea and increase the capacity of…

  • Do We Really Need GMOs to Feed the World?

    Some corporations say "no," some corporations say "yes." What do the data say?

    Motley Fool
  • Giant hole forms at entrance of Missouri golf course

    BRANSON, Mo. (AP) — A big sinkhole discovered Friday near the driving range of a southwest Missouri golf course is attracting the attention of geological experts.

    Associated Press
  • Watch astronauts dock with the International Space Station

    The space agency has released a video documenting the Russian Soyuz capsule as it docked with the International Space Station on March 27th. According to Time, the video shows the last 15 minutes of the docking procedure.

    The Verge