• NASA Just Released The Best Images Of A Dwarf Planet We've Ever Seen

    NASA's Dawn Spacecraft will be the first time...

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  • Widely Used Drugs Tied to Greater Dementia Risk for Seniors

    People over age 65 who frequently take over-the-counter sleep aids and certain other commonly used drugs may be increasing their risk of dementia, new findings show. In the study, the researchers looked at drugs that have "anticholinergic effects," meaning they block a neurotransmittercalled…
  • Huntington acquires Louis Pasteur's notes on brewing beer

    SAN MARINO, Calif. (AP) — People interested in what kind of beer the guy who invented pasteurization kicked back with after work will want to pay a visit to San Marino's Huntington Library.

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  • Naturalist Attenborough fancies the lowly slug - for sex appeal

    By Holly Rubenstein LONDON (Reuters) - David Attenborough has seen many of nature's most spectacular creatures in his 60 years of making television documentaries, but he says one of his favorites is the lowly, and in his view sexy, slug. "Slugs are amazing," Attenborough, 88, told Reuters at a…

  • Near-Earth Asteroid Has Its Own Little Moon

    It's not terribly often we get a visiting asteroid that comes close enough for people on Earth to see it with a strong set of binoculars. That's what happened on January 26th when asteroid 2004 BL86 swooped through our space neighborhood. Scientists and amateur astronomers alike had their eyes on…

  • Bio-AMD, Inc. Agreement with Sysmex & General Update

    LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2015 / Bio-AMD, Inc. and Bio Alternative Medical Devices Ltd., our majority owned medical devices subsidiary (together "Bio-AMD", "We" or ...

  • Microsoft's Revolution Analytics Acquisition Is The Wrong Way To Embrace R

    Microsoft’s purchase of Revolution Analytics last week is the wrong way for the brainy crew in Redmond to embrace the R language for data science and analytics. The deal represents a strong step forward for the R language, but by accepting the open source model for putting R to use, Microsoft is…

  • Organize Price-Band Relationships In Bollinger Bands®

    Bollinger Bands have become an enormously popular market tool since the 1990s but most traders fail to tap its true potential.

  • Google Lunar XPrize Milestone Awards Announced

    Andrew Barton, director of technical operations, Google Lunar XPrize contributed this article to's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Astrobotic, Hakuto, Moon Express, Part-Time Scientists and Team Indus have spent the past year putting their hardware and software through a series of…
  • My BRCA Journey: Why Fear of Information Imperils Genetic Testing

    The world breaks down into two camps, my genetic counselor said: people who want information, and people who don't. I've been writing about gene testing and genomics for a long time, but as I navigated my own recent journey in genetic testing, I learned why that divide will probably remain the…

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  • Local vendors, not supermarkets, key to Africa food security: TRFN

    By Chris Arsenault ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Traditional markets sell more than 85 percent of the food consumed in sub-Saharan Africa, and rather than replacing them with Western-style supermarkets, governments should train local vendors to improve food safety, researchers say. Contrary…

  • Deepstar Six

    Creatures from the deep make life difficult for scientists constructing an underwater laboratory.

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  • Snowflakes look radically different under an electron microscope

    Scientists have put snow under an electron microscope, and the results are stunning.
  • Rubio New Subcommittee Chair

    Dear Senator Marco Rubio,So, you are thinking of running for President? You recently became chair of the Senate Subcommittee that oversees our national interests, mission, and investments in the ocean, atmosphere, fisheries, and the Coast Guard. It is time to show leadership, to prove that you can…

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  • CSI Lahore: US forensics big shot comes home to help Pakistan

    By Katharine Houreld LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - As one of America's top forensic scientists, Mohammad Tahir uncovered evidence that helped jail boxer Mike Tyson for rape, convict serial killer John Wayne Gacy and clear doctor Sam Sheppard of murdering his wife. Then Tahir took on his toughest…

  • Ancient Human Fossil Could Be New Primitive Species

    An ancient human fossil discovered from the seafloor near Taiwan reveals that a primitive group of humans, potentially an unknown species, once lived in Asia, researchers say. These findings suggest that multiple lineages of extinct humans may have coexisted in Asia before the arrival of modern…
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  • Big Earth-Buzzing Asteroid Has Its Own Moon (Photo, Video)

    The mountain-size asteroid that gave Earth a close shave Monday (Jan. 26) has its own moon, new radar images of the object reveal. The radar images "show the primary body is approximately 1,100 feet (325 meters) across and has a small moon approximately 230 feet (70 m) across," NASA officials said…
  • Senegal reopens land border with Ebola-hit Guinea

    Senegal reopened on Monday its land border with Guinea, the Interior Ministry said, five months after closing transport links in August to prevent the spread of the worst outbreak on record of the deadly Ebola virus. Senegal had already lifted in November a ban on air and maritime traffic with…