• Origins of Mysterious World Trade Center Ship Revealed

    In July 2010, amid the gargantuan rebuilding effort at the site of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, construction workers halted the backhoes when they uncovered something unexpected just south of where the Twin Towers once stood. Now, a new report finds that tree rings in those…

    LiveScience.com51 mins ago
  • Fears can be inherited through smell

    According to a new study, published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the mechanism might be scent — at least when the fear occurs in mice. "We found that the mother that expresses fear in the presence of their newborn pups passes her fear to her pups through scent," says…

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  • American Express Cards

    Earn Cash Back, Travel, or Points. Find the Card That's Right For You!

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  • How Visuals Can Help Deaf Children 'Hear'

    John Varrasi is a senior staff writer for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The Cooper Union in New York City is combining engineering and acoustics to create a unique learning environment for deaf and hearing-impaired schoolchildren. The college has installed an interactive…
  • Bonobos Invade 'Planet of the Apes' (Op-Ed)

    Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, and Vanessa Woods is the author of "Bonobo Handshake" (Gotham, 20011). Woods and Hare are on the board of the nonprofit Lola ya Bonobo, a sanctuary for orphan bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The…
  • Australia's overseas architects honored with 2014 International Architecture Awards

    The Australian Institute of Architects' International Area Committee has announced the winners of the 2014 International Architecture Awards, celebrating the work of Australian architects abroad.

    AFP Relax News
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    Mobile app helps small farmers turn a profit

    A mobile app is helping farmers in Ghana increase crop yields and connect with industry players through an online communications medium that is easily accessible and cost-effective. 'mFarms' is an internet based platform that links all actors in the agricultural industry giving farmers access to…

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  • How Texas Man Survived 1,000 Killer Bees

    Africanized honeybees, or "killer bees," have been in the United States since about 1990, according to May Berenbaum, head of the department of entomology at the University of Illinois. It's hard to pin down specific data on the number of people attacked annually in the United States by Africanized…
  • At Malaysia Airlines Crash Site, Parents Seek Answers

    The chaos that followed the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has added to the worry that families will never learn exactly what happened.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Warren Buffett Reveals How $40 Becomes Millions

    Discover the dead-simple Warren Buffett strategy that could lead to life changing investing profits.

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  • U.S. lawmakers expand probe of federal biolab mishaps

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers on Monday said they were expanding their investigation of federal biosecurity lapses including problems at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that led to the mishandling of anthrax and bird flu pathogens. Republicans from the House Energy and…

  • Enjoy the Show: Learn More After 'Sharknado 2'

    People-eating sharks whipped up in a tornado, Manhattan as an ice-capped frozen wasteland, and solar flares that rapidly increase the temperature of the Earth's core resulting in cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and biblical-scale flooding. Over-the-top? Yes. Based on science? Loosely,…

    Huffington Post
  • Fist bumps relay 90 percent less germs than handshakes: study

    Ditching handshakes in favor of more informal fist bumps could help cut down on the spread of bacteria and illnesses, according to a study released on Monday. The study in the American Journal of Infection Control found that fist bumps, where two people briefly press the top of their closed fists…

  • Are Scientists Deaf to Sonic Blasting's Harm to Dolphins and Whales?

    The Atlantic Ocean off the United States’ East Coast may soon become an extremely noisy place, as proposals pile up to map the seabed with high-decibel sonic blasts that can hurt dolphins, whales, and other marine life.
  • Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Struck At Just The Wrong Time, New Study Suggests

    Just before a large asteroid slammed into the Earth 66 million years ago, the diversity of plant-eating dinosaur species declined slightly, a new study suggests. That minor shift may have been enough to doom all dinosaurs when the space rock hit.The scarcity of plant-eaters would have left them…

    Huffington Post
  • Long-Lost Anchor May Soon Give up Its Secrets

    After decades, possibly centuries, at the bottom of the sea — and a 2,200-mile-long (3,540 kilometers) road trip wrapped in damp blankets in the back of a pickup truck — a barnacle-crusted anchor arrived in Texas this week for a major cleaning. In 2008, a fisherman named Doug Monk was collecting…
  • AARP Medicare Supplement

    AARP Medicare supplement insurance plans by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. Help cover costs Medicare doesn't pay. Get a free decision guide.

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  • Kids with Pets More Likely to Avoid Meat

    Those children who have formed attachments to their pets may develop empathy toward other animals, too, which can result in greater avoidance of eating meat, the researchers suggested. "Once an individual feels empathy toward animals, it makes it harder to eat animals," study author Hank…
  • 'Whistling' Volcanic Lightning Heard Halfway Around the World

    With the right tuning, radios can eavesdrop on this sizzling symphony of crackles, pops and whistles — the melody of millions of lightning bolts. A listener in New Zealand can even hear a volcano in Alaska erupt, a new study reports.
  • We’re Close to Getting Mind-Reading Computers

    Muse is one of the first commercially available gadgets to bridge the gap between our brains and our devices. It’s a $300 EEG monitor that doesn’t make you look like an escapee from a mental ward. It’s also an important early step toward something much bigger: The ability to control objects — your…

    Yahoo Tech
  • 17 Things Successful People Never Say

    Over 2,500 years ago, philosopher and...

    Business Insider
  • AP PHOTOS: Coal-exporting town fights rising seas

    NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Norfolk is trapped between the causes and consequences of global warming.

    Associated Press
  • How Google Street View is Tackling Methane Leaks

    Environmental Defense Fund and Google Earth Outreach have just launched a series of maps that show methane leaks from natural gas pipelines under city streets in Boston, Indianapolis and Staten Island. The new tool has the power to greatly improve how cities and utilities can minimize methane…
  • Your CPAP is Crawling with Germs

    CPAP masks get covered with germs and bacteria. Here is how to properly clean it and kill 99% of the bacteria, viruses and mold on your CPAP supplies.

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