• Have UFO Hunters Just Spotted An Alien Ship Orbiting An Asteroid?

    A huge asteroid which sailed safely past Earth had an unusual hitchhiker - which internet conspiracy fans claim is clearly an alien spacecraft. The tiny, disc-like object was observed using a massive radar array, NASA’s Deep Space Network in Goldstone California. Tireless alien hunter Scott C…

    Rob Waugh's Yahoo Blog
  • 95 Burmese Pythons (and Counting) Captured in Everglades

    The Burmese python has worn out its welcome, and its time is nigh. For the second time since 2013, Florida wildlife officials are inviting people near and far to search for Burmese pythons (Python bivittatus) in the Everglades. Depending on where they spot the invasive species, participants can…
  • Scientists Just Confirmed Einstein's 100-Year-Old Theory. Here's What It All Means.

    The LIGO team talks to Mic about its enormous breakthrough and the future of astronomy.

  • Influential Texas panel recommends halt to use of bite-mark evidence

    An influential Texas scientific panel recommended on Thursday that bite-mark analysis not be admissible as evidence in courts, a decision experts said could lead judicial systems in other states to exclude it too. The Texas Forensic Science Commission panel recommended a moratorium on bite-mark…

  • Transparency debate follows vote by California coastal panel

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The agency that decides what gets built and where along the California coast is facing questions about transparency after it pushed out its top executive in a closed-door vote and without a clear explanation of why the change was being made.

    Associated Press
  • First Click: Hyperloop or loopy hype?

    Elon Musk famously described Hyperloop as “a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun… and an air hockey table.” He first floated his idea for the high-speed ground transportation system in July 2012, and then again in May 2013 at the D11 conference. In August of 2013, Musk followed up his musings with…

    The Verge
  • Scientists: More Men Prefer Brains Over Beauty

    A new review of the research shows trends in mate preferences.

    Korin Miller
  • California stem cell agency may fund tests to edit genes in human embryos

    A California agency funded by taxpayers is considering whether it should support scientific research aimed at genetically modifying human embryos — work so controversial that the federal government won't ...

    Los Angeles Times
  • Tesla Reveals New Details About Its Most Affordable Car Yet

    The dream of owning a Tesla just got even more real for people eager to get behind the wheel of one of Elon Musk's electric vehicles.

    ABC News
  • Zika Vaccines Are in the Works, But Still Years Away

    With Zika virus continuing to extend its reach across the Americas, and a growing body of evidence suggesting that the virus may be responsible for increases in cases of two neurological disorders, demands for a vaccine are urgent. Infections with Zika are usually mild. But the road to a vaccine is…
  • Alternate sites considered for embattled giant telescope

    HONOLULU (AP) — A group building one of the world's largest telescopes wants to start construction no later than April 2018— even if that means it will have to build the telescope somewhere other than Hawaii.

    Associated Press
  • Bye, Philae: Scientists give up hope for comet lander

    Europe's Philae lander, a washing machine-sized robot that captured the imagination of the world when it landed on a comet, has likely entered its "eternal hibernation," the European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed Friday. The spacecraft was a little more than one year old, and passed away after a…

    Mashable33 mins ago
  • Walgreens threatens to pull out of Theranos partnership: WSJ

    (Reuters) - Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc , the largest U.S. drugstore chain, threatened to terminate its relationship with Theranos Inc unless the blood-testing company quickly fixes the problems found by federal inspectors at its laboratory in California, the Wall Street Journal reported. The…

  • Head of Google in Europe Grilled by UK Lawmakers

    The chair of a UK parliamentary committee has grilled the president of Google in Europe in a fierce exchange about whether the company had paid its fair share of taxes

    ABC News
  • 'Love Hormone' Could Predict Whether Mom and Dad Stay Together

    "What these data suggest is that lower maternal oxytocin levels are associated with the risk of relationship dissolution by the time the child is a toddler," study researcher Jennifer Bartz, a psychologist at McGill University in Canada, told an audience at the meeting. The research has yet to be…
  • This one graphic is all you need to see to realize North Korea is a real threat to the US

    Over the weekend, North Korea earned further worldwide scorn after it tested a highly...

    Business Insider
  • This drone can automatically follow forest trails to track down lost hikers

    Leave the breadcrumbs at home, folks, because just this week, a group of researchers in Switzerland announced the development of a drone capable of recognizing and following man-made forest trails. A collaborative effort between the University of Zurich and the Dalle Molle Institute of Artificial…

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