• Japan scientists develop micro-fine adhesive sensors

    Scientists in Japan have developed a sticky sheet of tiny sensors that can be put directly on moving joints, beating hearts or other living tissues. "Just by applying to the body like a compress, our novel sheet sensor detects biometric information extremely accurately," researchers at the…

  • Active Sun Unleashes Massive Solar Flare

    The huge solar flare registered as an X1.8-class event, one of the most powerful types of flares possible, and was captured on camera by NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory. The flare triggered a strong radio blackout for parts of Earth as it peaked Friday at 7:28 p.m. EST (0028 Dec. 20…
  • Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation Awarded LSDF Grant As Commercialization Partner

    Kennewick, WA / ACCESSWIRE / December 19, 2014 / Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation ("AMIC") ( OTCQB: ADMD ), a late stage development company engaged primarily in the development of brachytherapy ...

  • Antarctica Tourism Could Be Making Penguins Sick

    Antarctica remained largely untouched until roughly 200 years ago, and now, more than 10,000 people travel there every year. But tourists bring more than cameras. Scientists are warning that pathogens ...

    The Atlantic
  • Deep learning now tackling autism and matching monkeys’ vision

    Two studies published this week provide even more evidence that deep learning models are very good at computer vision and might be able to tackle some difficult problems. The study on computer vision, ...

  • A Worthy New Year's Resolution for the New Congress

    With few significant legislative achievements for science and innovation in the 113th Congress, we look to the new Congress to fuel the momentum needed for medical progress, summoning the political will necessary to speed scientific discovery and drug development. While patients and their families…

    Huffington Post
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    Woman Caught on Camera Taking Packages from Family's Doorstep

    Ryan and Marti Ruth used social media to find who took the packages containing their kids' Christmas gifts.

    ABC News Videos
  • Year in Review: Sigma-Aldrich acquired by Merck

    This September the German pharmaceutical giant Merck KGaA agreed to buy Sigma-Aldrich, one of St. Louis' oldest and largest life sciences companies. The $17 billion dollar deal for Sigma, which was founded in 1934 by brothers Aaron Fischer and Bernard Fischlowitz, is expected to close next year.…

    American City Business Journals
  • Curbed Features: The 'most recognizable and beloved' building...

    The 'most recognizable and beloved' building in Los Angeles might be the Griffith Observatory, which opened in 1935 to 17,739 visitors in the first week. The building was the brainchild of Griffith J. Griffith, a businessman and convicted murderer who...

    Curbed Philly
  • Albert Einstein and Marie Curie as snowflakes? Genius

    Download and craft these paper snowflakes in honor of award-winning scientists Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Erwin Schrödinger.>

  • SPONSORED POST: A Q&A with Architect Michael Chen

    Inspired by BP Gasoline with Invigorate®, The Next Mile explores the stories of trends, products and people who go a little farther than the norm. The series is a collaboration between BP Fuels and Vox Creative. We recently sat down...

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    Homeowners Feel Trapped by Neighbor's Hostile Holiday Display

    Ross Township, Pennsylvania, residents say Bill Ansell is terrorizing them with his anti-Christmas spirit.

    ABC News Videos
  • Europe recommends approval for first stem-cell therapy

    LONDON (Reuters) - European regulators have recommended approval of the first medicine containing stem cells to treat a rare condition caused by burns to the eye. The European Medicines Agency said on Friday that Holoclar, from privately held Italian company Chiesi, had been given a green light for…

  • Keeping Up with the Greens: Neighbors Can Spur Conservation (Op-Ed)

    Marlene Cimons writes for Climate Nexus, a nonprofit that aims to tell the climate story in innovative ways that raise awareness of, dispel misinformation about and showcase solutions to climate change and energy issues in the United States. She contributed this article to Live Science's Expert…
  • Space station team eager for yearlong flight

    NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are getting ready for a one-year stay on the space station

    CBS News
  • What's the Correlation Coefficient?

    The correlation coefficient is a measure of how closely two variables move in relation to one another. If one variable goes up by a certain amount, the correlation coefficient indicates which way the other ...

  • Knock knock. Who's there? Amazon's best-selling holiday author

    By David Randall NEW YORK (Reuters) - It sounds like the usual setup for a knock-knock joke: Who is the best-selling author on all of this holiday season? Rob Elliott. Rob Elliott who? Yet it's no laughing matter for Rob Teigen, a father of five in Grand Rapids, Michigan who, under the…

  • Harmful road traffic noise affects a quarter of Europeans: study

    OSLO (Reuters) - Harmful levels of road traffic noise affect one in four people in Europe and raise health risks ranging from sleepless nights to heart disease, the European Environment Agency said on Friday. In a first EEA assessment of the impact of noise pollution in Europe, it said the din…